Best Low Profile Roof Top Tent For Camping

Want to find the best low profile roof top tent for camping?

No one likes sticking out like a sore thumb on the campgrounds. It’s off-putting, odd, and just not something you’re going to want to do!

So, why not look for a good, low profile roof top tent?

The right roof top tent has to offer a number of qualities, but one thing you’re going to covet the most would be something as simple as a sleek design.

When choosing a low profile roof top tent, it’s important to look for the following qualities:

  • Durability
  • Waterproof Design
  • Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Keep these details in mind when looking to buy a new roof top tent for your camping trip. There is nothing worse than spending money on something that isn’t going to hold up and will leave you disappointed out on the campgrounds!

This is why you should always look to go through a rigorous research phase before deciding on a good roof top tent for camping.

This guide is going to highlight the best low profile roof top tent according to Refresh Outdoors and tips for making roof top camping a little bit easier.

Best Roof Top Tent For Camping (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How To Use Low Profile Roof Top Tent Safely

Tip #1: Check for Compatability

Regardless of which low profile roof top tent you choose, it’s important to determine whether or not it’s even compatible!

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a new roof top tent for camping that isn’t a good fit. This is going to be a waste of resources and is also going to leave you in a tough spot when it’s time to go camping.

It’s recommended to take measurements and ensure there’s enough breathing room once the roof top tent is installed.

The details to consider include:

  • General Dimensions
  • Placement of the Zipper
  • Interior Space

If you take all of these details into consideration, it’s a lot easier to end up with a quality low profile roof top tent for camping purposes.

Sometimes, people settle for less and it doesn’t work out well.

You end up with something that works sometimes and in other situations doesn’t last. It’s best to think about going with a quality roof top tent that is going to be a reasonable fit. This includes how it’s going to secure into place.

low profile roof top tent

Tip #2: Secure the Edges

It is the edges that tend to give out.

Each roof top tent is designed to be installed safely. Now, this can vary in terms of what that means and how the roof top tent settles into place.

Ideally, the low profile roof top tent for camping is going to have set edges that settle against the top of the vehicle’s roof.

Roof top tents need to be held securely and that often runs along the edges, which can start to fray and/or not lock into place as needed. Keep this in mind.

These edges need to be secured properly.

A good camping tent is going to have specific features that allow for the tent to stay in place. This means it is not only going to do well on sunny days, but also when it is raining.

In fact, the best roof top tents for camping also do well in the winter months!

Tip #3: Choose a Safe Spot

Where are you going to park the vehicle before installing the roof top tent?

Camping with a roof top tent is wonderful, but only when you are choosing a safe spot. Otherwise, you are still going to be fully exposed to external risks that are not worth dealing with!

This can include rain, snow, animals, and more.

Parking the vehicle in a safe spot in the shade is highly recommended to make sure the experience is soothing and doesn’t lead to overheating.

In general, you can’t protect everything from all angles, but it is recommended to find shade.

This is something that will matter during the warmer days. If you are not safe, the roof top tent is going to start to heat up.

While a good portable AC for camping is nice, why take the risk? Just park in the shade and offer additional protection to the low profile roof top tent.

low profile roof top tent

Tip #4: Use the Vehicle’s Storage

This is a common mistake made by those using a new roof top tent.

You assume everything needs to go in the tent itself.

Instead, it is better to store the smaller items in the tent, while leaving the other stuff in the actual vehicle. Whether this means the trunk or the seats, it’s better to do this rather than carrying everything to the top!

A simple change such as this will add value to the low profile roof top tent.

Final Thoughts

With a low profile roof top tent, you want something sleek, easy to install, and safe.

This is a purchase that is important, but you have to take your time. Go through the different requirements, measure your vehicle, and make sure the new roof top tent is compatible.

This is a must for camping!

Until you do this, the results are not going to be as good as you want. The recommended tips here will make sure you get full value out of the low profile roof top tent.

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