MTD Snowblower Transmission Problem (Fixed)

When the snowblower transmission starts acting up, you are going to be worried about the future of the machine.

This is an integral part of the MTD snowblower and it has to be kept in good shape.

If not, the snowblower transmission is not going to work as you want it to. This is key with an MTD snowblower transmission problem.

If there’s an MTD snowblower transmission problem, check the transmission belt for damage, add fuel, and look at the gears to see if they are wearing down. Replace the parts that are giving you trouble and the transmission will be fine.

In rare cases, the MTD snowblower transmission is going to fail.

This is when the only option is to see if the transmission can be replaced. This will depend on the rest of the snowblower and how it is doing.

You will also want to look at the cost of doing this.

This article is going to help you fix the MTD snowblower transmission problem as easily as you can.

How To Fix MTD Snowblower Transmission Problem

1. Check The Transmission Belt For Damage

This is a part that does get damaged from time to time.

You will have a few things to look at with the transmission belt.

The first issue you are going to face is when the transmission belt is worn down. This is a situation where the transmission belt is simply not going to move because it will be torn or not work.

Another issue is when the transmission belt is loose.

If this is a problem, you will want to get to the belt and see if you can tighten it. This is going to depend on the pulley that is holding the belt.

You will always want to look at the ends of the belt.

This is where it tends to get worn down due to how it makes contact with the pulley. Look into this and see if the belt has to be replaced.

2. Add Fuel

You might have a situation where the MTD snowblower has been sitting for a while.

When this happens, you are going to have old fuel in the tank. This is not good for the machine as the fuel will have aged and is not ideal for the snowblower to turn on or run properly.

In a situation such as this, you will know what is causing the MTD snowblower transmission problem.

It is going to be the cleanliness of the fuel.

The best option in a case such as this is to add fuel to the snowblower and see if that helps. You might have to drain the old fuel or use a fuel stabilizer.

This will get the snowblower to work as you want it to.

3. Inspect Gears For Damage

You are now going to inspect the gears for damage.

You do not want to keep using the snowblower when the transmission gears are damaged. This is not going to let the transmission run at 100% and that is when things spiral out of control.

Do not take a risk.

Some people will report the transmission is going to start making noises. These noises are often due to the gears not turning as required.

Your best bet in a situation such as this is to make sure you are inspecting the gears for damage to see what can be done next.

4. Inspect Drive Pulleys For Wear And Tear

You are going to have to inspect the drive pulleys for wear and tear.

This is a real concern because the wear and tear can be devastating for those who are not able to pinpoint how to get the transmission to run.

It is not going to do well until the drive pulleys are in good shape.

One option is to see if the drive pulleys have become misaligned. This does happen. You will want to tighten the connectors and then see if that helps the MTD snowblower.

If not, you will have to set up new drive pulleys to get the MTD snowblower to work.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on how to fix an MTD snowblower transmission problem.

To fix the MTD snowblower transmission problem, start by adding fuel and checking the belt to see if it is damaged or loose. Additional reasons can include a worn-down drive pulley or a damaged transmission gear.

Always replace the part that is giving you trouble.

The only time you should look to fix the issue is when the belt is loose. You can then remove the transmission belt and see if you can tighten things back to how they need to be.

This will depend on the situation in front of you.

Look at each element of the MTD transmission when you are looking to fix the snowblower.