Pellet Grill Left In Rain! (Is It Safe?)

When it comes to managing a pellet grill, it’s important to think about how to protect it.

A lot of people will set up the pellet grill and then leave it exposed.

This is not a good idea as a pellet grill is not the same as other types of grills. It is not going to do as well in moist conditions when it is left fully exposed.

This is why you can’t have a situation where the pellet grill is left in the rain.

The reason to not leave a pellet grill in the rain is due to the wood pellets expanding. This increases the risk of the pellets catching on fire or the auger tube getting blocked. It’s essential for the pellets to remain dry as this will ensure the grill works as intended.

Most people will look to keep the pellet grill in a covered spot or use another type of protection to make sure it is safe.

Do not take a risk when it comes to how the pellet grill is set up.

This will make a difference and might damage the grill to the point of no return.

Here is a look at some of the main reasons to not leave the pellet grill in the rain.

Reasons To Not Leave Pellet Grill In The Rain

1. Pellets Will Expand

The main reason you do not want to keep a pellet grill in the rain is due to how the pellets are going to respond.

The wood pellets are not meant to be kept in the rain.

They are not going to do well when they are drenched in water and this will damage how well they work when the pellet grill is turned on. You will always notice one of the most recommended tips is to ensure the grill is kept dry.

This is how you are going to ensure the grill remains in good shape heading into the future.

If the pellets are wet, this is not good for the pellet grill as a whole.

Pay attention to this and make sure the pellets do not get to the point where they expand aggressively. You might have to replace them before using the grill again.

2. Dry Pellets Are Essential

This is one of the most important details to think about when it comes to keeping the pellet grill out in the rain.

The rain is going to ruin the pellets.

It is not just about keeping the pellets in the grill safe but also ensuring they remain as dry as possible. You do not want a situation where the pellets are soaked and then you turn on the pellet grill.

This is how you can have the grill die out.

3. Can Jam The Auger Tube

You will want to look at the auger mechanism in the pellet grill.

In general, when the pellets are wet, this is going to create a situation where the pellet grill gets jammed up.

What does this mean?

The auger mechanism is responsible for keeping the pellet grill functional. If it is jammed, the grill is not going to work as you want it to.

It is important for the pellet grill to not get jammed and if it is wet, the chances of this happening will go up rapidly.

Be careful and make sure you are not jamming the auger tube.

4. Reduces The Lifespan Of The Pellet Grill

You will want to reduce the lifespan of the pellet grill.

This is essential when it comes to getting more out of the pellet grill.

If you leave the pellet grill out in the rain repeatedly, you are going to create a situation where it worsens with time. This is unsafe and it is not what you are going to want to consider when it comes to reducing the lifespan of the pellet grill.

Be careful when it comes to something like this and ensure you are on the right path.

If the pellet grill is covered, you are going to have a much better chance of it lasting.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about if the pellet grill is left in the rain.

A pellet grill should not be left in the rain. When the wood pellets get wet, this will cause them to expand and not work as intended. It is also a way for the auger tube to get jammed and this will cause the pellet grill to burst into fire. Always keep the pellet grill covered or in a dry spot.

This is a must and it is a big part of how well you maintain the pellet grill as time goes on.

Take the time to look into this as that is how you are going to make sure the pellet grill does not fall apart on you.