How To Have Pergola Anchored In Planters (Explained)

Setting up a pergola is all about understanding how it’s going to be anchored.

If it is not secure, the pergola is going to be in a position where it might fall. This is dangerous and it can become increasingly difficult to maintain the pergola when it is not anchored the right way.

This is why you will want to take the time to consider your options and see what can be done to make sure the pergola is not only beautiful but also safe.

This will include learning how to have a pergola anchored in planters.

To have a pergola anchored in planters, always choose robust planters made of precast materials. It’s also recommended to have concrete as the base to hold the posts in place. Once done, add weight to the planters and then test to ensure they’re level.

The biggest mistake people make is to have the planters set on uneven ground. This will make the pergola post out of balance too and that is not good for its longevity.

You need to take the time to see how the pergola post is going to hold up. This is essential and it is the only way to ensure the pergola remains in the position you want it to.

Here is more on what you are going to have to do when anchoring a pergola in planters.

Steps On How To Have Pergola Anchored In Planters

1. Choose Robust Planters

Start with the planters.

You have to look at planters that are made of precast materials because they are going to be heavier and will also do well in inclement weather.

Remember that the pergola post is attached to the planter, so it needs to be kept safe.

You can’t have the planter made of a flimsy materials that is going to topple over as soon as there is a bit of breeze.

Anchoring a pergola in a planter is all about understanding your options and then making sure you are setting it up in a planter that will hold up well.

This is imperative for the pergola post to remain secure.

2. Set The Posts With Concrete

You will also want to think about how the post is going to be set up at the bottom.

You can anchor the post with the planter but that does not mean you are going to want to ignore the endpoint.

The endpoint has to be set in concrete.

This is how you are going to make sure it is fully anchored and does not budge as soon as a bit of inclement weather rolls through the area.

This is also going to come down to how level the ground is.

You have to ensure each post is set up on level ground and is then anchored with the planter.

3. Add Weight To The Planters

You will want to look at how to make sure the planters are heavy.

There are a few options that will come up in a situation such as this.

You will want to add weight to the planters because this is how you are going to get them to stay in place. If you are not doing this, the planter is going to move slightly and that is going to cause the pergola to lose its shape or fall.

Do not take a risk such as this and make sure you are adding as much weight to the planter as you can.

4. Check The Balancing

This is an important tips.

You will want to make sure to learn how to have a pergola anchored in planters by better understanding the value of balance.

What does this mean?

Essentially, you are looking to see if the planter is on level ground or not. If it is not, this is dangerous and it is going to do more damage than good.

Look into this to make sure you are focused on how you are balancing things and what will work out when it is time to see positive results.

Final Thoughts

It is all about focusing on the finer details of learning how to have a pergola anchored in planters the right way.

To have a pergola anchored in planters, start by investing in precast planters that are heavy. Next, make sure the ground is level where the planters are set and then ensure everything is measured. This includes using concrete for the posts to settle into.

This is how you are going to get the pergola to settle in nicely and last as long as you want it to.

Any mistakes in this regard will cause the pergola to become unstable. If you want to make sure the pergola post is the right one and is going to last, you will want to think about these details as much as you can.