How To Complete Pit Boss Burn Off (Explained)

Handling a Pit Boss means understanding what’s required to keep it well-maintained.

You cannot assume the unwanted residue and/or debris is going to take care of itself. This will not happen and you are going to end up in a situation where the Pit Boss is unsanitary and/or doesn’t work as you want it to.

This does happen more than it should and the reason has to do with not knowing how to complete a PIt Boss burn off.

To complete a Pit Boss burn off, start by removing excess debris and then set the grill to a high temperature. Wait a few minutes with the lid closed and then turn off the heat. As it cools down, take a grill brush and begin to scrub the now loosened residue.

This process can take longer depending on how much residue is in the Pit Boss grill. You will have to assess this based on how long it’s been between cleanings.

This guide is going to show you how to complete a burn off with a Pit Boss and why it’s essential as a grill owner.

Steps For Pit Boss Burn Off

1. Read The Manual First

When you are thinking about a Pit Boss burn off, you have to know what the grill requires.

Do not automatically assume each grill is going to be the same. This is not how things work and you will end up in a situation where the grill is not as clean as it needs to be.

So, what should you look for?

You have to see what is causing the Pit Boss to not be clean and what is required to complete the burn off. It is going to vary depending on the grill in front of you, which is why you want to go through the owner’s manual to see what your options are.

Even if the process is simple, you will still want to have confirmation with the help of the manual. This is going to shed light on what’s required before you begin.

2. Remove Debris

You will want to take the time to remove debris from the grill.

This is the first step.

Some grills are not going to be that bad when it comes to the amount of debris in the Pit Boss. This is going to vary and it is something you are going to have to determine based on what is in front of you. There is nothing wrong with this and the goal should remain to remove the debris as carefully as you can.

Look into this to make sure you are removing the debris with a high level of care.

You want to take off as much as you can.

It is the only way you are going to see appropriate results.

3. Set To High Temperature

You want to set a high temperature.

This is a common mistake that’s made. You do not want a situation where the temperature is not set at a level where things fall apart.

This does happen.

You want to make sure the temperature is well-controlled and you see appropriate results as time goes on.

Let the grill heat up as that is what will loosen the residue. This is the premise of a “burn off” with a Pit Boss and what you are going to be aiming for as a grill owner.

Continue to let the grill heat up with the lid closed. This should take a few minutes.

4. Let The Grill Cool Down And Clean Using A Grill Brush

When you feel like it has been set at that heat for a few minutes, you are then going to turn off the heat.

This will depend on how much residue is in the grill.

If there is considerable residue, you will want to let the heat run for much longer. This is going to help loosen the residue to the point you can get it off.

Look into this and then let the grill cool down. It’s a must.

If you are not letting the grill cool down, it is not going to be easy to take care of the residue that is in front of you.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on the Pit Boss burn off.

To complete a Pit Boss burn off, it’s best to start by removing excess debris from the grill. Once done, turn on the grill and set it to a high temperature with the lid closed. Wait a few minutes and then turn off the grill. After it has cooled, use a grill brush to begin scrubbing away the excess residue.

This is how you are going to make sure the Pit Boss is clean and works as you want it to.

If you don’t do this, it is going to remain unsanitary.