Pool Liner Not Tight In Corners (Solved)

The pool liner is an important part of the swimming pool.

It’s essential in keeping the pool protected and it needs to be intact. If there are issues with how the pool liner is set up or how it looks, this will begin to have an impact on how things turn out.

It’s essential to make sure the pool liner remains in good shape and the only way this is going to happen is if you are taking the time to focus on having the right approach.

One issue people notice is when the pool liner is not tight in the corners.

If the pool liner is not tight in the corners, it’s best to remove the pool liner and check for possible wall shifting. It’s also common for a pool liner to shrink and it’s best to replace it when this occurs. If it’s an installation error, take off the pool liner and simply re-install it.

If there is any other situation associated with the pool liner, you will want to take the time to replace it. The pool liner should be in good shape at all times.

This article will show you how to fix a pool liner that’s not tight in the corners.

How To Fix Pool Liner Not Tight In Corners

1. Remove The Pool Liner

It’s best to start by thinking about what is happening with the pool liner.

The right option is to take off the pool liner.

The reason you are going to want to remove the pool liner is to get a better look at what’s going on. This is when things can go wrong because you have to focus on the underlying details associated with the pool liner including its size.

If you attempt to fix the pool liner without taking it off, you are not going to get a good look at what’s happening underneath.

Start by removing the pool liner and then begin assessing the root cause of the pool liner not being tight in the corners.

2. Check For Possible Wall Shifting

One issue that can cause this to happen is when the pool walls begin shifting.

Since the pool liner is dependent on the size remaining the same, it is going to start to lose its shape around the corners when this occurs. You do not want this to happen as the wall shifting is the last thing you will want to see happen.

It’s important to make sure the pool walls are in good shape over time.

Look into this and make sure the pool walls are set up in a way that is going to hold up over time.

If the pool walls are shifting, it’s best to see what is causing this to happen. It might be the base is not stable and that has to be corrected first.

3. Check The Liner’s Size For Shrinkage

Is the pool liner the same size as it was beforehand?

You might want to take a peek at the liner’s size as soon as you can. Sometimes, a person will not have a grasp of this and that is what will hold them back.

You need to start assessing the pool liner’s size and then make adjustments along the way based on this information.

In general, when a pool liner shrinks, it is best to replace it. You are not going to get it back to size. This can happen when the pool liner begins to get older.

4. Replace Or Re-Install The Liner

You will always want to maintain two options in a situation such as this.

The first option is to simply replace the pool liner and this does work well as long as the underlying issue has more to do with the pool liner.

If it is something like the pool walls shifting then that has to be addressed first before you look at swapping out the pool liner.

If the issue had more to do with the water’s pH level then you might want to take off the pool liner and put it back on to see how things work out.

Final Thoughts

How to fix pool liner not tight in corners.

It’s best to fix a pool liner that’s not tight in the corners by removing it, checking for possible wall shifting, and ensuring it has not shrunken. If the pool liner has shrunken, it’s best to replace it. Otherwise, attempt to take off the pool liner and re-install it.

These are the two options you are going to have as long as the base of the pool is strong. If it is not, you will want to address that before anything else.

Look into this as you begin working on fixing the pool liner and getting it back into shape.