Pool Lost 6 Inches Of Water Overnight! (Solved)

It’s often assumed once the water is in a pool, it is good to go.

You will assume the water level is going to be the same as when you filled it. While this might be true for a few hours, it will continue to change depending on the surrounding conditions.

This becomes a real problem when you notice the pool lost 6 inches of water overnight.

If the pool lost 6 inches of water overnight, it’s likely due to evaporation due to a warm summer’s night or an overactive pool heater. Additional issues can include a damaged pool pump or a leak in the base of the pool.

This does happen often and it’s important to consider your options.

If it is around six inches, it is likely evaporation and nothing else. You should not automatically assume it has to do with a damaged pool pump or a leak.

If it is hot outside at night, the water is going to evaporate. This is natural and it is something that would happen to any body of water in such conditions.

The same applies when there is a pool heater set up to run overnight.

This article is going to state the reasons your pool lost 6 inches of water overnight and what to do about it.

Reasons Pool Lost 6 Inches Of Water Overnight

1. Evaporation

Let’s go with the most basic reason.

In general, evaporation is a real concern and it does happen to any body of water. Your pool is not going to avoid this because it is in the yard!

It is still going to deal with the same issues of being out in the open.

To avoid this, people will set up a pool cover overnight. This ensures evaporation does not take place.

If you don’t have a cover on the pool then you will need to consider evaporation. This will happen for two reasons when it comes to caring for a swimming pool.

The first reason will be it is hot outside at night and that causes evaporation to take place.

The second reason is going to be when the pool heater is running too much. This will cause it to heat the water and then it will evaporate.

2. Damaged Pool Pump

Now let’s take a look at a bigger swimming pool issue and how this can cause the water level to drop.

In general, the pool pump is responsible for handling the water flow and making sure the pool is in good shape throughout the year.

It plays an important role.

However, it can also get damaged and that is when the level starts reducing. You might wake up in the morning and realize a significant amount of the water in the pool is gone.

If it is more than six inches, this is often a clear-cut sign it is the pool pump.

3. Leak In The Pool

Another reason that might be causing this type of issue has to do with a leak in the pool.

If the side of the pool is damaged or has a crack in it, this will cause water to leak. It might not be noticeable at first but it will become a real concern as the crack opens up.

Not only will the crack get worse, but it is also going to ruin everything around the swimming pool.

This is why you want to get on top of this as soon as you can.

In general, you will notice water started appearing alongside the pool. This is quite noticeable as the crack in the pool opens up.

4. Lack Of Cover During The Night

This is associated with the first point.

If you are looking to protect the water level in a swimming pool, it is best to think about covering it. This is the best way to ensure the swimming pool stays in good shape and it is a smart habit to pick up as a pool owner.

It works as a part of the swimming pool maintenance setup you have in place.

If there is no cover during the night, this exposes the pool water to all sorts of issues. This not only includes evaporation but also contamination.

Final Thoughts

The pool lost 6 inches of water overnight!

If the pool lost 6 inches of water overnight, this is almost always due to natural evaporation from warmth. If not, it is likely a damaged pool pump or a leak along the base of the pool.

It is best to take the time to check whether or not water is leaking along the sides. This might be a sign there is damage to the foundation of the pool that needs to be repaired.

Go through these reasons to find out what is wrong with your pool right away.