Pool Pump Locked Up! (Fixed)

Dealing with a malfunctioning pool pump is not easy.

You will want to make sure it continues to pump water but it won’t when there’s an issue with how things are set up.

This does happen when you are not learning how to fix a pool pump that is locked up.

If the pool pump is locked up, you will have to start by assessing the pump impeller for potential damage. Take the time to remove any debris in the pump basket and inspect the pump housing for potential cracks. Additional reasons can include a damaged pump seal causing the pool pump to cease.

You will have to be patient when working on the pool pump.

Do not create a scenario where the pool pump does not work as you need it to. This does create an issue where the pool pump is inefficient.

Look through this guide to see what is needed when a pool pump is locked up. The advice here is going to make it easier to unlock the pool pump and get it to work properly.

Tips on How To Fix A Pool Pump That Locked Up

1. Inspect The Pump Impeller For Damage

The pump impeller helps play a big role in how the pool pump works.

You will want to see what has caused the pool pump to stop and then begin working backward.

For the most part, you will notice there is going to be a damaged or clogged part that is causing the pool pump to act up.

One of those parts is going to be the pump impeller.

This part is designed to help push the water and it is not going to work when it is damaged. You will want to assess whether or not this is true by looking at how the pump impeller is running.

It’s possible the part got clogged and that can be enough to do damage.

You might have a situation where there is debris in the pump impeller that is not letting it run as you want it to. The best approach is to make sure you are letting the pump run and not having it stop because the impeller does not budge.

2. Remove Any Debris In The Pump Basket

You will also want to keep an eye on the pump basket.

This is an important part of the pool pump and it’s common for there to be debris in there. You will want to inspect the pump basket to see what’s going on and what can be done to get it to work again.

You will want to do this by assessing whether or not something has got trapped in the pump basket. If so, you will want to take it out.

3. Check The Pump Housing For Cracks

It’s possible the pump housing has gotten damaged.

This does not always happen but it is something to look out for. You will want to assess whether there is damage to the underlying pump housing that has to be addressed.

Focus on seeing how damaged the pump housing is and how it needs to be managed. This is essential for you to do things properly.

You should take a peek at how the pump housing is doing and what is required to get the cracks fixed. Sometimes, the situation can be so bad you will need to focus on replacing the pump housing to get it to work again.

Until then the pool pump is not going to work.

4. Make Sure The Pump Seal Is Intact

You will want to assess the pump seal.

If this is not intact, the pump is not going to function.

There has to be a strong seal that is going to keep the pool pump functional. When it is not intact or there are gaps, you are going to have to deal with the struggles surrounding this type of setup.

It’s essential to make sure the pump seal is robust and is going to last. This might mean you have to reseal the pump.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to consider as you are learning how to fix a pool pump that is locked up.

To fix a pool pump that is locked up, start by removing debris from the pump basket and testing to see if the pump impeller is damaged or clogged. Additional reasons can include a weak pump seal or damaged pump housing.

Look to go through each component of the pump to see where the damage is.

If it is clogged then that is what you are going to have to address as soon as you can. Do not let it get to the point where the pool pump is not running as it needs to.

This is going to make it much harder to run over the long term.