Why Your Pool Pump Won’t Turn On (And How To Fix It!)

When a pool pump won’t turn on, it’s important to understand what’s going on and what to do about it as a pool owner.

There are several reasons a pool pump can stop working.

A pool pump won’t turn on because there’s a lack of power coming from the electrical box, the impeller is not secured to the shaft, the pressure switch is turned off, or the pool filter is full.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of why a pool pump won’t turn on and what to do about it.

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Reasons A Pool Pump Won’t Turn On

If your pool pump won’t turn on, the problem could be several things. Use this troubleshooting guide to get it working again:

* If there is not enough power getting to your electrical box, the breaker will trip and the pump will not turn on. Make sure that you have replaced all of your blown fuses and tripped breakers.

* Is the impeller secured to the shaft? If it is not, even if the breaker has power, there won’t be any suction and your pool pump will not turn on. The impeller should spin freely when you turn the pump on with a garden hose.

* If your pool filter bag is full, the pool filter will not allow any water to get through it. The pump can’t push water through a clogged pool filter bag and it won’t turn on.

* If the pressure switch was turned off by someone, your pool pump will not turn on. Unplug the electrical cord of your pool pump from both the outlet and the pressure switch. Turn the dial on your pressure switch to “On.” Plug the cord back in and turn your pool pump on.

* If you have an undersized circuit, the breaker will trip when you try to start up your pool pump. Do not overload your electrical system; it could be dangerous to operate a larger electrical appliance than your circuit can handle.

* Is the pump plugged into an outlet? If it is not, there is no power getting to your pool pump and it won’t turn on. Check all of your electrical outlets in the house to make sure that they are working.

* If there is no water in your pool, or if you do not have a pool, your pool pump will not turn on.

* If your water in the pump and filter is very dirty and/or cloudy, the pressure cannot build up in the system and it won’t turn on. Clean out your filter or get a different one if it is too dirty to clean. Also, use a clarifier to remove the cloudiness from your pool.

* If there is a broken pipe or fitting, the water will not flow and your pump won’t turn on. Turn off your main breaker and check all of your pipes for leaks. If you find a leak, fix it by using PVC primer and cement to reseal any fittings that are loose or broken.

* If your pump is plugged in and turned on, but the motor does not turn on, you have a bad capacitor on your board.

pool pump won't turn on

How Do I Manually Turn My Pool Pump On?

When your pool pump won’t turn on, or if you suspect that the board is bad, this is how you can turn it on manually:

* Go to your breaker box and locate a 20 amp breaker. Turn the breaker off so that there is no power going through it. This shouldn’t trip any breakers in your house.

* Run an extension cord from the pool pump breaker to the 20 amp breaker you just turned off. If your pool pump is on a different circuit than your other electrical appliances, run an extension cord from that breaker to the outlet. Make sure not to overload any breakers or extension cords.

* Unplug or turn off all other electrical appliances in the house.

* Plug your pump or breaker into the extension cord. You should hear clicks as each component of your pool system comes back on.

* Check for leaks, then turn your main circuit board breaker back on.

pool pump won't turn on

Final Thoughts

With these steps, your pool pump should turn on.

If you still can’t get it working after taking this troubleshooting guide, contact the manufacturer of the pool pump for more help.

Also, be sure to ask them if they offer any warranties or guarantees so that you can return the broken equipment if necessary.

If your pool pump still won’t turn on, contact a professional.

If your pump won’t turn off:

* Make sure that you have not set the pump to run continuously and it is running when it shouldn’t be. If the motor starts running but doesn’t stop, check for leaks in your pipes or fittings.

Many pumps have a “run-dry” protection that prevents the motor from burning out, but if you leave it running for too long your pump could get damaged.

* There is no power getting to the pool pump, so turn off all of your major electrical appliances in your house and make sure that they are unplugged.

Check all of the wirings on the pump and filter to make sure that they are intact.

* If your pump is not working at all, the board could be bad. Contact a professional if this is the case.

As you can see from the above troubleshooting guide, if your pool pump won’t turn on, it’s usually due to a problem with one of the components. If you are not an electrician or experienced with pool equipment, it is best to contact someone who knows what they are doing before attempting to fix the problem yourself.

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