RV Toilet Paper Vs Regular (Compared)

Being in an RV means you are going to be traveling a long distance.

This is also going to create a situation where you will be using the toilet often. When you are using the RV toilet a lot, you will also want to take the time to think about the necessities beside you.

It is a detail you are not going to think about but it will matter.

You will want to look into how the toilet paper is and whether or not it will be safe for the RV as time goes on. One detail to think about is RV toilet paper vs regular.

RV toilet paper is better as it is quick-dissolving, safe, and offers similar cleanliness. Regular toilet paper is more affordable but will clog the RV’s plumbing and should not be used in such a situation.

For those who do attempt to use regular toilet paper in an RV, it could clog the system. This is not good for the plumbing and it can lead to significant damage.

To avoid this, go with quick-dissolving toilet paper in an RV.

Here is a look at the key factors to think about when comparing RV toilet paper vs regular.

Comparing RV Toilet Paper Vs Regular

1. Protects RV Plumbing

It is important to start with the reason there is RV toilet paper in the first place.

RV toilet paper is different from regular toilet paper because it is quick-dissolving. As soon as it makes contact with the water in the toilet, it is going to flush easily.

It is not going to stay in its solid form, which is what clogs the plumbing in an RV.

When keeping an RV safe, you will want to look into this element or you could end up doing a lot of damage.

RV toilet paper keeps the RV’s plumbing safe and this does matter. You do not want to deal with a clogged system.

Regular toilet paper is good in most situations but this is not one of them.

2. Usability

You will want to think about how usable toilet paper is.

In an RV, you do not want to be left in a situation where you are thinking about how the toilet paper works or how safe it is for the plumbing.

RV toilet paper works well and is usable.

This makes it a no-brainer when you are heading out for a trip and will be using the RV toilet routinely.

Do not take a chance when it comes to this.

Regular toilet paper is just as useful but not in an RV. You are going to avoid situations where the toilet paper is going to clog the tank, which is why it is better to keep RV toilet paper nearby.

3. Cleanliness

When it comes to cleanliness, both types of toilet paper are the same.

You are not going to see inferior results when you are using RV toilet paper on an RV.

Instead, you are going to feel like it is the same as regular toilet paper and it will work the way you want it to.

The goal should remain to keep RV toilet paper for the RV. You can use regular toilet paper in any other situation without having to worry about clogging and/or unwanted damage.

This is reason enough to go with RV toilet paper when you are heading out on a road trip.

4. Cost

If you are looking at setting a budget, you will want to look at the options that are out there on the open market.

In general, RV toilet paper is going to be slightly more expensive as it is a specialized solution made for this purpose.

You are only going to need it when you are in an RV.

However, it is not exceptionally expensive. You are still capable of finding a good deal when you look around.

in some cases, regular toilet paper can be more expensive depending on the type you are going with.

While it is more expensive to go with RV toilet paper, fixing a clogged RV tank is more costly. It is better to prevent this type of damage by using RV toilet paper.

Final Thoughts

It is these factors that will matter when comparing RV toilet paper vs regular.

RV toilet paper is quick-dissolving and will not clog the tank in an RV. It is safer, usable, and offers similar cleanliness. In comparison, regular toilet paper is more affordable but will clog the tank when used.

For this type of situation, you should be going for specialized toilet paper.

This will ensure the RV does not get ruined and you can maximize how well the RV works during the trip. RV toilet paper is always the way to go in a situation such as this.