Guide For Selling A Camper With Delamination (Explained)

Delamination is a concern when the RV begins showing signs of aging.

You are not going to find it easy to keep under control and most people do start thinking about other avenues to recoup their costs.

One of those options would be to move forward with selling a camper with delamination.

When selling a camper with delamination, it’s best to take clear photos of the damage and cite the problem in the description. It’s also important to fairly price the camper with the delamination in mind and look to get a repair estimate for the buyer.

While something like a repair estimate is not mandatory, it’s a great goodwill gesture to show you are aware of how bad the situation is.

This is also going to let you fairly price the camper that has delamination.

It is not easy to sell an RV with delamination but that does not mean it is impossible. As long as you are willing to look at your options and figure out what needs to be done, you can get things to work out in your favor.

This guide is going to make it easier for those who are thinking about selling a camper with delamination.

Steps For Selling A Camper With Delamination

1. Take Clear Photos

To sell a camper with delamination, you have to take clear photos.

This is one of the biggest mistakes RV owners make because they attempt to trick buyers. This is not going to work out because the delamination is going to be noticeable right away.

This is not something you should be doing.

Keep things simple and do your best to show where the damage is and how bad it is. The photos will make it easier for interested buyers to come through as they will be aware of what they are getting into as soon as they see the photos.

This is a lot better than getting a potential buyer to come and take a look at the RV without them knowing the extent of the situation.

Always be upfront about the condition of the RV you are selling as that is how you are going to get good results.

2. Cite The Problem To The Buyer

Just like taking photos of the camper with delamination is key, it is also important to cite the problem to the buyer.

The buyer should be aware of what is going on even if they don’t understand what they are looking at in the photos.

A seller that is honest is going to resonate with the buyer and they are more likely to buy the camper because they know all of the issues in advance.

When you are hiding the issues, they are going to assume you are hiding more even if the delamination is something they are willing to overlook.

3. Reduce The Price

You have to reduce the price.

This is a must.

People are not going to buy it at the price it normally would go without delamination. This is the reality of the situation and something you are going to have to think about as you are looking at what can be done to get the camper sold.

If you at least reduce the price based on the repair estimate you get from a mechanic, you are going to have a much better chance of selling the camper.

This reduction in price is going to make it easier for the buyer to fit it into their budget.

4. Get A Repair Estimate

This is a tip that is going to go a long way for sellers that want to stand out and illustrate they are being honest to the buyer.

The repair estimate is great because it will shed light on how bad the delamination is.

You don’t want a situation where the repair might be too costly or the buyer is going to have to get a separate estimate done before buying the camper.

Remove these hurdles and get the repair estimate done beforehand.

They will trust you more if this is the direction you decide to go in.

Final Thoughts

It’s recommended to consider these tips as you are moving forward with selling a camper with delamination.

When selling a camper with delamination, it’s best to take clear photos of the RV, cite the problem to the buyer, reduce the price, and get a repair estimate. This will show honesty to the buyer and make it easier to sell the camper right away.

A lot of RV owners don’t know where to begin but these tips will make it possible to get it sold on time.

It is not easy to deal with damage to the RV but it is still possible to sell it. Just be patient and make sure to remain honest during the process.

Always test parts of the RV and make sure it is in good shape from the inside.