Guide For Camping and Sleeping in Pickup Truck Cabs (And What to Use!)

Camping is fun, but what if you are taking a truck? Sleeping in pickup truck cabs is the way to go and it starts with appropriate preparation.

Too many people go camping without preparing for the outdoors.

Whether it’s a conventional tent or a truck bed tent, the goal remains to go camping with a purpose. If you have a plan and know what to do in advance, you’re going to avoid most of the issues that creep up on you outdoors!

What should you think about when it comes to sleeping in pickup truck cabs?

The main variables include:

  • Type of Truck Bed Tent
  • Size
  • Placement
  • Weatherproofing

A safe truck bed tent for camping is going to offer tremendous value. It will be easy to set up, durable, and ideal for camping in a truck bed when outdoors.

If you are thinking about sleeping in pickup truck cabs for camping, it’s time to start planning.

This guide on sleeping in pickup truck cabs will showcase how to do it the right way, what to ignore, and what to buy.

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Tips on Sleeping In Pickup Truck Cab

Tip #1: Buy a Quality Truck Bed Tent

Sleeping in a truck bed when camping is only fun when you have a good truck bed tent.

Too many people try winging it and sleep on a simple blanket without cover. This is ungainly, dangerous, and just not the smart thing to do!

You are going to become fully compromised to the outdoor environment (i.e weather, animals). It’s always better to buy a good truck bed tent for sleeping in pickup truck cabs. It simply works better and is safer!

When thinking about making a purchase such as this, you have to know what to look for in a safe truck tent.

The qualities include:

  • Good Sizing
  • Comprehensive Ventilation
  • Weatherproof and/or Waterproof

If you find a good truck bed tent that has these qualities, you are going to have a fun time camping in your truck outdoors. It’s all about investing in a purposeful solution that’s durable, easy to use, and effective in different conditions.

If not, you are going to hate the experience and it will expose you to the dangers of camping.

Be smart, buy a good-quality truck bed tent and then start sleeping in pickup truck cabs. This is the only way you are going to enjoy the camping trip.

Sleeping in pickup truck cab

Tip #2: Park in the Shade

Where are you parking the pickup truck when camping?

Camping in a pickup truck is all about placement and this is one of the more underrated elements people don’t think about.

The concept is to make sure you are camping in the shade, especially if it is hot outside. If not, you are going to expose the truck bed tend to elevated temperatures. This can make it uncomfortable inside the tent right away.

Sleeping in a pickup truck bed is all about shade.

The sun beating down early in the morning when you’re sleeping can cause overheating making it unnecessarily uncomfortable.

If you position it right, you are going to stay safe and the trip will be enjoyable.

Remember, the sun isn’t just going to beat down in the middle of the afternoon. It’s also going to pose a problem when you are sleeping in pickup truck cabs early in the morning.

This is why it’s better to come prepared and find a good spot.

If possible, you are also recommended to invest in a good portable AC for camping in a pickup truck cab.

Tip #3: Ventilation is Essential

How is the air going to be flowing through the pickup truck tent for camping?

Don’t just assume you are going to have enough airflow during the trip!

When it is hot outdoors and you’re camping in a pickup truck, it’s essential to think about ventilation inside the tent. This means getting enough air coming in and going out, so you are not left in a “hot box” while sleeping.

Not only is this unsafe, but it is mighty uncomfortable!

Airflow matters when sitting inside a truck bed tent making it important to consider openings and/or some type of portable fan.

Look towards finding a high-quality truck bend tent that has a mesh window or two.

Those mesh windows are going to be useful when it starts becoming hotter and hotter outdoors. It is one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to something like this.

Sleeping in pickup truck cab

Tip #4: Keep the Food Safe

Where is the food going to go when you are sleeping in a pickup truck cab?

You will want to find a way to keep the food safe while camping and that’s a mistake loads of people make. They assume it’s okay to keep the food right inside the tent and that it is the best way to protect the food.

No, it won’t be in bear country!

You may end up endangering yourself when outdoors and a bear is roaming around smelling the food. This is when they start shaking the truck!

Instead, you want to buy a high-quality storage bag for the camping food.

This bag can be hung from a high spot (i.e. tree) and left there during the night away from your truck bed tent.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping in pickup truck cabs for camping can be loads of fun.

It’s all about taking your time to invest in a high-quality tent for trucks, making sure it’s a good fit, and then using it the right way.

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