Snow Blower Leaking Oil From Vent Tube (Fixed)

Setting up a snow blower and getting it to work the right entails maintaining the machine throughout the year.

Several mistakes can be made when it is time to recognize what is wrong with the snow blower and how to get it to keep working year-round.

One issue that is seen is when the snow blower is leaking oil from a vent tube.

If the snow blower is leaking oil from a vent tube, this means it’s likely due to a damaged oil seal or there being too much oil in the tank. Drain some of the oil and reinforce the seal. In other situations, the vent tube might be clogged or the oil pan is damaged.

If any of these parts are damaged, the oil is going to find a way out. It is not going to flow through to where it needs to be and that is when you are going to notice the leaking oil from the snow blower.

This article is going to show you the main steps for fixing a snow blower that is leaking oil from the vent tube.

Steps For Fixing A Snow Blower Leaking Oil From Vent Tube

1. Check The Oil Seal For Damage

You have to start with the oil seal.

This is an essential part of the setup because it’s supposed to keep the oil sealed so it does not leak. If the seal is damaged, this is immediately going to compromise the flow of the liquid in the snow blower and you will have all sorts of problems to contend with.

One of those problems will be a leaking snow blower.

You have to check the oil seal for damage and make sure things are done carefully. This is how you are going to get the oil seal to work out as you want it to.

If you are not checking the oil seal for damage, you are not going to know whether or not this part is compromised. Once you replace the oil seal, the oil will remain where it needs to be.

2. Reduce The Oil A Little

Dealing with a leaking snow blower is not ideal but sometimes it is a simple fix that is going to do the trick.

You might have a situation where there is too much oil in the snow blower and it has to be reduced. Yes, it is possible to overfill the snow blower and that is when you are going to have issues to deal with including leaks.

The oil is going to overflow from the snow blower as soon as the machine turns on.

Reduce the oil in the snow blower and then begin to use it. This simple change is going to make it easier to use the machine.

3. Check Vent Tube For Clogging

You will have to go to the vent tube in a situation such as this.

When the vent tube is leaking, you have to see whether or not the issue is there. It’s possible the vent tube is now starting to clog and that is the hurdle you are dealing with as a snow blower owner.

Your goal should be to inspect the vent tube and make sure it is not clogged.

If the vent tube is clogged, you will have a situation where it is not going to be easy to clean.

4. Inspect Oil Pan For Cracking

Another part that can get damaged from time to time would be the oil pan.

If the oil pan is beginning to show signs of cracking, it’s possible the oil is going to leak through. Even the tiniest of cracks in the oil pan of a snow blower is going to be more than enough to do damage.

You will begin to notice a leak form that is not good for the snow blower and it is going to do a tremendous amount of damage as time goes on.

It’s important to inspect the oil pan and make sure it is not cracking as soon as things are set up. If it is cracked, replace the oil pan as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to think about what works when it comes to understanding and fixing a snow blower leaking oil from a vent tube.

If a snow blower is leaking oil from a vent tube, the most likely cause would be an overfilled oil tank or a damaged oil seal. Fix the oil seal and drain some of the oil to stop the leak. Additional issues can include a cracked oil pan or a clogged vent tube.

It’s always important to look at why the snow blower is leaking and also make sure the part that’s damaged is replaced.

Until you do this, the snow blower is not going to work as required.