Snow Blower Or Plow For Gravel Driveway? (Answered)

When it comes time to start managing a gravel driveway, you will come across different options to get the job done.

Some will work and others won’t.

It’s essential to understand your needs for the driveway and how fast you want to clean it. This will impact your decision one way or the other.

Is it better to go with a snow blower or plow for a gravel driveway?

It is best to go with a snow blower for smaller amounts of snow with minimal ice on the ground. If there is excess snow or limited space to the sides, it’s best to have more control using a plow.

It often comes down to the layout of the driveway.

It is easy for the gravel driveway to get narrower when you are blowing snow from one side to the other. This is harder to control and you might want to avoid this.

Here is a detailed assessment of how to choose between a snow blower and a plow for gravel driveways.

Choosing Between Snow Blower Or Plow For Gravel Driveway

1. Access On The Sides And Front

The most important detail might have nothing to do with the snow on the driveway.

It has to do with the layout of the driveway.

For example, how much space do you have on the sides and front? This matters when you are using a snow blower because it is going to be directing snow in one direction. If there is limited space, you are going to have reduced control over where the snow goes.

This is troubling and it might be something you want to avoid.

If there is limited space on the sides, you are better off going with the plow.

This is going to offer better results and you are going to gain better control while moving more snow.

2. Amount Of Snow

How much snow is there on the gravel driveway?

You will want to look at going with a snow blower that does not get in the way of what you are doing and is going to move as much snow as possible.

If there is too much snow, you might find it harder to get the snow off of the gravel. This is often an issue that also causes the snowblower to stop working properly.

You will have to make a judgment call when it comes to this part of the process.

A lot of people enjoy going with something that is easier on the driveway and that is when you will want to look past the snowblower. It might not work well with too much snow.

3. Amount Of Ice

You should also take the time to think about how much ice is on the driveway.

If there is too much ice, it might make it harder for the snowblower to do its job.

it might not have enough traction and it is not going to get deep enough to remove snow. This is a major concern and it is something you are going to want to avoid.

This is when you are going to look at other options for the gravel driveway. You could also damage the snowblower to the point of no return, which is not a good thing. This can include all sorts of issues including the snowblower’s auger line not working or getting clogged.

4. Desired Cleanliness

How clean do you want the driveway to be?

You will need to look at the amount of snow and ice on the drive and then decide. If there is a lot of snow and ice, you might want to look at other options than a snowblower.

The snowblower might not work well in this situation.

However, it comes down to the type of snowblower you have and how well it is going to work with the layout of your driveway.

Some people will prefer the plow because it will be easier to control and it might work better too on the gravel driveway leading to a cleaner finish.

Final Thoughts

Snow blower or plow for a gravel driveway?

It is recommended to use a snow blower on a gravel driveway when there is less snow and ice. This ensures the gravel does not get damaged. In other situations, it’s best to go with the plow as it offers more control and a cleaner finish.

For most people, it will come down to what you want.

If the snowblower is enough to deliver good results then that is the direction you will want to go in. The most important detail to remember is that you don’t want to ruin the snowblower by using it on a surface that will damage it.

As long as you look into this, you are going to see impressive results and you will feel good about how the snow is cleared out.