Snowblower Auger Belt Keeps Coming Off! (Fixed)

The snowblower’s auger belt is an integral part of how it functions.

If the snowblower’s auger belt does not budge or is too loose, this will cause the machine to malfunction and not move as required.

As a snowblower owner, you can have a situation where the snowblower auger belt keeps coming off.

If the snowblower auger belt keeps coming off, this means the belt has to be re-aligned or replaced. To do this, remove the belt from the pulley, lock the auger, and re-feed the belt into the auger. Once done, ensure the belt is not loose, and then test the snowblower.

With something like this, it’s important to figure out what is causing the auger belt to come loose in the snowblower.

Sometimes, the auger in the snowblower is damaged and that might be the reason for the issues. This is something you can only assess with a thorough visual inspection of the machine.

This guide is going to show you how to fix a snowblower auger belt that keeps coming off.

Tips For Fixing Snowblower Auger Belt That Keeps Coming Off

1. Remove The Belt From The Pulley

If the snowblower auger belt keeps slipping off, you will need to go straight to the auger.

Look at the belt in detail.

Is it torn? Is it misaligned with the pulley?

It is likely going to be misaligned as that can happen when the snowblower auger gets clogged or the belt does not move as it needs to.

If that is the case, your best option is going to be to take off the snowblower auger belt to see what is wrong with it.

The belt is going to be set around a second pulley.

It is likely too loose on the first one but you will need to take it off from both. This will allow you to pull the snowblower auger belt out and then take a look at it.

2. Lock The Auger

Now that you have the belt off, you are going to want to lock the auger.

This is to make sure it does not budge.

You can do this by tying the drive as that will not allow it to move when you are working on resetting the auger belt into place.

This is something you should be doing to ensure the auger belt does not get misaligned during the resetting phase.

Take your time with locking the auger and you can do this with a simple tie. It is temporary and you are just doing it to make sure you have full access to the auger.

3. Reset Or Replace The Belt

At this point, you are going to go in one of two directions.

The first direction is to take the removed auger belt and reset it. You will do this by putting it back into the pulley and making sure it is aligned this time.

If the auger belt is in good shape then this is the route you want to take. If not, you’re going to look at getting a compatible snowblower auger belt before replacing it in the machine.

It is the only way you are going to get the snowblower to work.

A lot of people rush this process but you will want to make sure it is set properly. Do not rush this.

4. Check The Snowblower

When you have reset or replaced the snowblower auger belt, you will also want to make sure the snowblower auger is not clogged.

The goal is to see what can be done to improve how the snowblower works.

This is a must.

It is the only way you are going to feel comfortable with the snowblower’s performance. You will want to unlock the auger before doing this.

Look to turn on the snowblower and see if the auger belt is spinning as it needs to. If it is, it will not be loose any longer.

This is a sign the job is done.

If it is still loose, you will want to further inspect the belt and see if it is still misaligned.

Final Thoughts

These steps will help when the snowblower auger belt keeps coming off.

If the snowblower auger belt keeps coming off, it is best to remove the belt from the pulley, lock the auger with a tie, and then reset the belt to make sure it’s aligned. Once done, re-test the snowblower to see if the belt moves as required.

If a snowblower is too difficult to move or the snowblower is clogged with debris, it’s important to go through a complete maintenance check.

This is the best way to make sure the snowblower moves as it needs to. Otherwise, you are not going to feel confident with its performance as time goes on.