Snowblower Auger Keeps Turning (Fixed)

When the snowblower auger is malfunctioning, you will need to pinpoint whether the part is damaged or there is a surrounding component that is not working properly.

This will depend on the situation in front of you.

The snowblower auger is important in pushing the snow into the chute and making sure the machine works as it should. If there are issues in this regard, you are going to end up in a situation where the snowblower auger is not working as it should.

If the snowblower auger keeps turning, it’s best to look at the auger gearbox to ensure it’s intact and tighten the drive belt. Other options include checking to see if the clutch is damaged and adjusting the lever if it’s stuck.

If one of these parts is damaged, the best option will be to replace it.

It is important to work your way through what is wrong with the snowblower auger and get it tightened up as soon as possible. If it continues to turn, the snowblower will not be easy to use and it will not move snow out of the way as required.

Look at the tips here to make sure the snowblower auger does not keep turning.

How To Fix Snowblower Auger That Keeps Turning

1. Inspect The Auger Gearbox

The first place to start will be the auger gearbox.

This part is essential in getting the auger to turn properly as soon as the snowblower is pushed forward. When the gearbox is not working properly, there will be all sorts of issues pop up with how the auger runs.

It’s best to take a look at whether or not the auger gearbox is working.

If the snowblower auger gearbox is damaged, the best option will be to see if it is damaged to the point it does not work.

If you feel the gearbox is not working then it will have to be swapped out. This is the only way to tighten the auger and get it to stop turning randomly.

2. Tighten The Drive Belt

This is one of the more common issues that cause the snowblower auger to keep turning.

To stop the snowblower auger from turning, you will want to take a look at two things with the drive belt. The first one will have to do with the structural integrity of the belt and how it is holding up.

If it is damaged, the belt will need to be replaced.

If it is not damaged, you will have to take a look at how loose the snowblower drive belt is. Once it is determined to be loose, you are going to have to take it off the pulley system and then re-align it.

This is going to tighten the snowblower drive belt and make sure the auger stops turning randomly too.

3. Check The Clutch

Another part of the snowblower that is going to have to be analyzed in greater detail will be the clutch. You will have to assess how the clutch is doing and what is required to make sure it ends up working out as you want it to.

If the clutch is not in good shape, you are going to have a situation where it does not work as required.

If the clutch is stuck or does not move, it will have to be replaced. It is possible for this part to get damaged as the snowblower gets older.

4. Adjust The Lever

It is also possible you have a lever that is stuck.

In some cases, the snowblower lever is going to get stuck and is not going to budge. This will cause the auger to not go through to its next level and that will make it turn.

You have to ensure it is not stuck in this position and you do take the time to move it around. If it remains stuck, you will have to swap out the lever.

It’s best to look at all options with the snowblower lever to see why it is stuck. This is a must.

Final Thoughts

These are the factors that play a role in a snowblower auger that keeps turning.

If the snowblower auger keeps turning, the best option is to look at the gearbox and clutch to see if they are damaged. These parts will have to be replaced. Another issue can be when the lever is stuck or the drive belt is too loose.

It’s best to go through these details when you are figuring out what is required to get the snowblower auger to stop malfunctioning.

When the snowblower auger is damaged, it is best to look at these parts to see what’s going on. This will shed light on what your next options are when fixing the snowblower auger.