Why Is The Snowblower Auger Making Noise? (Solved)

When moving a snowblower, it will make noises due to the engine running.

You will also hear sounds involving the snow that’s on the ground. This is to be expected but what happens when the snowblower auger is making noise?

If the snowblower auger is making noise, check the auger for potential clogging due to ice. It’s also recommended to check the auger gears for damage, change the bearings, and change the shear bolts if one of those parts is worn down.

You can often tell by the snowblower auger’s performance as to how bad things are. This includes seeing whether or not the snowblower auger is spinning freely.

If it is spinning freely then clogging is likely not the main issue that you are dealing with. Instead, it is going to be another part such as the auger gear or the shear bolt.

You will want to work your way through these details to see what the underlying issue is. This will shed light on what has to happen to quieten the snowblower auger while making sure it still works as required.

Here are the main steps on how to fix a snowblower auger that’s making noise.

How To Fix Snowblower Auger That’s Making Noise

1. Check The Auger For Clogging

A noisy snowblower auger is not something you are going to want to deal with.

It will become difficult to use the snowblower and you are going to get frustrated with its performance. This is why the first thing you will want to look for is clogging.

What can get clogged in a snowblower auger?

A snowblower auger can get clogged by ice, debris, or heavy snow. It depends on what’s being moved around with the snowblower.

While a snowblower auger is powerful and capable of handling these things, it can still get clogged from time to time.

Your best option is to take a look at the snowblower auger to see what’s going on in greater detail. You will notice when there is ice jammed in the snowblower auger. When you chip away at the auger, the ice will come out.

It’s recommended to apply a lubricant to the auger when you have removed the ice or debris.

2. Inspect Auger Gears For Damage

It is possible the auger gears are damaged.

This is more common in older snowblowers because the gears start to give out. You will notice the auger is not going to spin the right way and it is not going to allow the snowblower to push through the snow as intended.

At first, this might not be a noticeable problem but it will worsen as time goes on.

This is why you have to inspect the gears to see what’s going on and how you can improve the situation so it does not worsen.

3. Change The Shear Bolts

Another detail that you are going to want to think about will be the shear bolts.

The shear bolts are integral to the shear pins and it is all about pinpointing how bad the situation is when it comes to the management of these bolts.

Are they starting to show signs of wear and tear?

This is not going to let the auger work as it needs to. You will also start to hear loud noises coming from the snowblower auger when this occurs and that is not a good sign.

Focus on this and know you are going to see exceptional results when you venture down this path. The quality is going to impress you and it will turn out as intended.

4. Change The Bearings

It is important to change the bearings.

The goal is to see what can be done when it is time to move the snowblower. Is the auger moving? When is the most noise coming from the auger?

This can be a great way to pinpoint what the main issue is and how you should address it moving forward.

If the snowblower bearings have started to wear down, this is when you will need to make adjustments along the way. It’s important to stay on top of this to avoid a situation where the bearings are not in good shape.

Final Thoughts

Why is the snowblower auger making noise?

If the snowblower auger is making noise, it’s common for debris or ice to get clogged in the auger. Other reasons for the noise can include worn-down bearings, damaged shear bolts, and/or damaged auger gear.

When the snowblower does not move properly and there is too much noise, this is a sign that you will need to address one of these issues.

It is the only way you are going to get rid of the noises that you are dealing with.

If that is what is on your mind, it’s best to start here.