Snowblower Auger Stops When It Hits Snow! (Fixed)

When using a snowblower, it’s assumed the machine will plow through anything that is put in front of it.

This does not happen if one of the components is damaged. The snowblower will push into the heavy snow and then come to a dead stop.

This is when you realize the snowblower auger stops when it hits the snow.

If the snowblower auger stops when it hits the snow, this means its auger belt is either too loose or damaged. To fix the issue, inspect the auger belt, tighten it, or replace the belt if it is torn. Once done, restart the snowblower and try again.

The belt is responsible for adjusting tension while the snowblower moves. If it is not in the right spot or is not tense, it will cause the snowblower to come to a stop.

You have to look at the auger belt in greater detail to see where the issue lies. As the auger belt gets older, it will loosen, which is why you will want to keep tabs on it as soon as this becomes a problem.

This article will teach you how to repair a snowblower auger that stops when it hits the snow.

How To Repair A Snowblower Auger That Stops When It Hits Snow

1. Check The Auger Belt

This is the first place to begin and it is likely the issue you are dealing with.

The main concern has to do with the auger belt.

It will be too loose or damaged.

When the auger belt is not in the right condition, it will break down to the point of no return. This will also cause the snowblower to stop working the right way and this becomes a major concern.

You will want to inspect the auger belt from one end to the other.

This includes not only looking at how tense the belt is but also whether or not it is in good shape. If it is torn, you will need to replace it immediately.

The snowblower is not going to move until you do this and it becomes important to fix the auger belt to prolong the machine’s life.

2. Tighten The Belt

Let’s assume you have taken a look at the snowblower auger and the auger belt is too loose.

What are you going to do then?

You are going to find the connecting point for the auger belt and tighten it. This is going to allow you to adjust how tense the belt is.

It does not need to be 100% tense, but it should be tense enough for the auger to work properly.

Otherwise, whenever you are moving the snowblower into heavy snow, it is going to come to a dead stop. This is what you are going to want to avoid at all costs.

3. Replace The Auger Belt (If Necessary)

You will want to take the time to replace the auger belt.

If the auger belt is damaged, this is your only option.

A lot of people don’t like dealing with a situation where the auger belt is damaged because it has to be taken out and replaced. However, this is one of the main solutions for getting the auger belt to be as tense as it needs to be.

If the auger belt in a snowblower is loose, it will continue to stop.

Look into this as you are working on a snowblower and getting the snowblower to work the right way.

4. Test The Snowblower

When you are done, it is time to test the snowblower to see how well it works.

This is a common step that you are going to want to do when there is snow on the ground. You will not want to head straight into an icy part of the area.

Instead, look for packed snow as that is going to be a good test for a snowblower auger.

If it comes to a stop, you will need to keep working on the auger belt. It might still be too loose.

If it works, you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details if a snowblower auger stops when it hits snow!

If a snowblower auger stops when it hits the snow, this means the auger belt is either too loose or damaged. Inspect the auger belt, tighten the belt, and/or replace the belt depending on how damaged it is. This will fix the problem.

It is important to go through the process with your snowblower’s auger belt.

When a snowblower is not running properly, it will create issues such as these. The snowblower will come to a dead stop and you will need to increase the auger belt’s tension to get it to work the right way.

This is a must when you want good results.