Snowblower Rides Up On Snow (Fixed)

When moving the snowblower around, it’s common to want it to clear the snow instantly.

When the snowblower is not moving properly, you are going to have to deal with issues surrounding how the snow is being thrown.

This includes a situation where the snowblower rides up the snow.

If the snowblower rides up on the snow, it’s best to start by looking for damage to the skid shoes or a broken auger that isn’t turning. Additional solutions include resetting the snowblower belt and checking the tire pressure.

You will want to replace the part that is damaged or reset the snowblower belt to make sure it is turning as required when the snowblower is running.

If one of these parts does not work, the snowblower is going to ride up on the snow.

You will not want to force the issue when this does happen as that is when the snowblower is going to break down.

Look at the steps in this guide as you figure out how to fix a snowblower that rides up on snow.

How To Fix A Snowblower That Rides Up On Snow

1. Look For Damage On The Snowblower Skid Shoes

The skid shoes are a good starting point.

When the snowblower is not moving briskly or is not getting to where you want it to, this has to be the first place to inspect.

The reason has to do with the skid shoes offering traction and making it possible to move the machine to where it needs to go.

If the skid shoes on a snowblower are damaged or worn, you are going to have this type of issue crop up. It will become difficult to manage unless you are focusing on what can be done to get the damage to work out as intended.

If the damage is too much, you have to be careful about how you are managing the snowblower.

Do not keep using the same skid shoes.

It’s best to replace them as you won’t be able to adjust the snowblower’s height when this happens. Replacing them is going to take care of this problem.

2. Check The Snowblower Auger

Another problem is going to be the snowblower auger and how it functions.

Look at how the snowblower auger is moving when you push the snowblower. Does it get stuck? Does it refuse to spin at the right speed?

This is a sign there is something in the auger that is causing it to cease. It could be debris such as ice. It could also be a component that has loosened and is now causing the snowblower auger to behave in this manner.

Your best bet is to inspect the snowblower auger and make sure it has been set right. If it is damaged, you will need to repair the snowblower auger.

3. Reset The Snowblower Belt

Look at the snowblower belt.

The belt is going to have to turn freely or it is not going to work. This is going to ruin the snowblower and it will lead to issues such as the one you are seeing right now.

The snowblower belt may have frozen.

This will make it difficult for the snowblower to move the right way.

You will have a few options available to you when this occurs.

The first option is to wait things out and move the snowblower indoors to ensure it is still not frozen. Another option is to take out the snowblower belt and then reset it in the pulley.

4. Check The Tire Pressure

The tire pressure can also be a problem.

If the tire pressure is too low, this is going to cause the tires to become an issue. The snowblower is not going to be strong enough to get into place and clear the snow.

This is why you have to keep track of the snowblower tires to ensure they have the right amount of air in them.

If you are not taking the time to look into this, the tire pressure is not going to be up to par with what you need.

Final Thoughts

It is best to look at these tips as you figure out how to fix a snowblower that rides up on snow.

If the snowblower rides up on the snow, it’s best to look at the skid shoes for damage and then assess whether or not the auger is turning properly. Additional issues can include lowered pressure in the snowblower tires or a frozen snowblower belt. It’s best to reset the belt when this occurs.

Walk through this process and do not keep pushing the snowblower when in a situation such as this.

Look at each component to see which one is not functioning as you need it to. Until you do this, you will not see good results.