Guide On Snowblower Rubber Flap Mod (Explained)

Snowblowers are refined machines but that does not mean simple modifications can’t be made.

It’s common for snowblower owners to want to optimize how the machine runs. This is a great idea when there is snow that does not go into the chute and continues to fall out.

If that is the case, it’s time to look at setting up a snowblower rubber flap mod. This modification is designed to direct the snow into the chute by setting it up in front of the auger.

To set up a snowblower rubber flap mod, start by measuring the auger and then cut the rubber to size. Once down, attach the rubber flap to the housing using screws. It should be tight against the housing. At this point, adjust the rubber flap into position and test it.

It’s important to take your time with installing the snowblower rubber flap mod. It needs to be done with care to make sure the snow does go into the chute and does not get pushed away.

You will want to use the snowblower to test the snowblower rubber flap mod and see how it works.

This guide will go deeper into showing you how to set up the snowblower rubber flap mod and get it right the first time around.

How To Set Up Snowblower Rubber Flap Mod

1. Take Measurements

It’s important to start with the measurements.

In general, the snowblower rubber flap mod has to be based on how big the auger is. You are going to be setting it up with the auger housing, which means it needs to cover the portion properly.

If it is not, the snow is still going to go by the wayside.

You have to be meticulous with the measurements and then use those measurements to mark the rubber. The material that you are going to be using is only good if it is set up the right way.

Look into this by taking the measurements as required. This is how you are going to see the results that you desire and it will turn out great.

2. Cut The Rubber Flap

Cut the rubber flap and make sure things are done the right way.

This is a mistake that’s often made because you are going to have the measurements and then not cut it the right way.

Mark the rubber and then begin to cut it.

If there are any issues with how the rubber flap is cut, this is going to impact the snowblower’s performance. Take your time with the markings and then begin to cut through the material.

3. Attach The Flap To The Housing Using Screws

Now it is time to attach the snowblower rubber flap mod.

To do this, you are going to take the newly cut rubber flap and begin to focus on the auger housing. The rubber flap is going to sit on the auger housing.

To do this, you will notice there has to be a way to attach it securely.

The best option in a situation such as this is to use screws. These are going to act as the fasteners that will hold the snowblower rubber flap mod in place.

Look into this when you are making sure it does not move.

You can also use an adhesive but it is generally recommended to stick to screws and bolts. These will hold better but a combination solution is welcome too.

4. Adjust The Rubber Flap To Position

Now you are going to begin to see how the rubber flap works with the snowblower.

In general, you will want to have it set up in the right spot immediately. However, it’s possible you will still want to adjust it a bit to get the angle right.

This is only done when you use the snowblower for a bit and see how it does with the snow. Is it getting the snow to go where it needs to into the chute?

This is the question that is going to dictate the direction you go in with the new snowblower rubber flap mod.

Final Thoughts

Look into this guide on the snowblower rubber flap mod to learn more about how it’s done and what’s needed.

To set up a snowblower rubber flap mod, it’s best to start by measuring the auger housing and then cutting the rubber to size. With the rubber flap in hand, attach it to the housing using screws and/or an adhesive. Once done, adjust the rubber flap and test it in snow.

This process is ideal for those who are tired of the snowblower pushing away at snow or breaking down because it does not do well with the snow.

If you take the time to move forward with this modification, the snowblower is going to perform better.