Too Much Water On Pool Cover? (Solved)

When a pool cover is set up, it offers exceptional value.

It will act as a protective option when making sure water does not go into the pool. It will also help with making sure debris does not flow into the water.

While all of this is true, you will also want to think about what to do when there is too much water on a pool cover.

If there is too much water on a pool cover, it’s best to remove it. To do this, pool owners can siphon water using a garden hose, pour water into buckets, or tilt the cover to push the water off. This will depend on what’s available.

If the water is left on the pool cover for too long, it will be considerable damage.

This is why it’s important to remove the water off of a pool cover as soon as possible. The longer you want, the damage is only going to get worse. In some cases, a hole will form in the cover causing it to fold inwards.

This guide is going to take a look at what to do when there is too much water on a pool cover and what to consider during the process.

How To Manage Too Much Water On A Pool Cover

1. Siphon Water Using Garden Hose

It’s important to siphon water using a garden hose.

Siphoning water with a garden hose comes down to understanding how to suction water away from the pool cover’s surface.

The goal is to take the hose and then apply pressure on it.

This will cause the water to flow into the hose and then suction away from it. Once the water goes through, it can then be removed from the other end of the garden hose.

This has to be done quickly and it’s best to be as patient as possible while the water is siphoned through the garden hose.

2. Use Buckets To Remove Water

This is one of the manual methods you can apply when there is excess water on a pool cover.

As soon as you see a puddle of water on a pool cover, it’s time to act.

You will want to get a bucket and then begin pouring water into it from the cover. You should be able to do this easily as long as you can reach the puddle.

This might be difficult for those who have a larger pool. You might find it harder to access the water, which is why people prefer using a garden hose.

If you do have access to the water, it’s okay to use the bucket method.

You will need one big bucket and one smaller one to scoop the water off of the pool cover.

3. Tilt And Remove The Cover

You can always look to use gravity to your benefit.

This is going to come down to how much water is on the pool cover at that moment. If it is too much water, you might not want to do this.

It might make a mess around the pool, especially if it is dirty water.

If it is not, you can look at tilting the pool cover from one side. This is going to allow gravity to push the water off to one side before it is gone.

You will need to make a calculated decision to pinpoint whether this is reasonable or not in your setup.

4. Push The Water Out

When it comes to keeping a swimming pool clean or maintaining a swimming pool, you will need to look to keep the water away.

It is best to push the water out.

You can do this by grabbing a mop or a tool that will allow you to push at the water on top of the pool cover.

This is going to allow you to keep the pool cover clean and it will not take a long time to do if the puddle is small.

If it is excessive, this method might not work as well as the others in the guide.

Final Thoughts

This is what you should do when there is too much water on a pool cover.

If there is too much water on a pool cover, it’s best to siphon the water using a garden hose, using buckets to scoop it out, or pushing it by tilting the pool cover.

This decision is going to come down to how the pool is set up and what will work well for the swimming pool in your yard.

You will need to decide based on the facts in front of you.

However, the most common solution is to siphon water off of a pool cover using a hose. This is one method that is bound to work when you do it.