Traeger Not Getting Above 350! (Solved)

When it is time to start operating a Traeger in the yard, you will want to get it to a specific temperature as soon as possible.

For the most part, a functional Traeger is not going to create these types of issues.

You are going to know the Traeger is going to turn on and then you will set the temperature as required. This is important when it comes to setting the temperature and making sure it is at the level you want it to be.

One problem is, what do you do if the Traeger is not getting above 350 degrees?

If the Traeger is not getting above 350 degrees, the pellets might be aged or the drip tray has to be cleaned. To fix the issue, swap out the pellets with new ones, clean the drip tray, and make sure to use a separate thermometer to gauge the temperature.

It’s possible the cleaning will take care of the Traeger’s temperature control and will ensure it hits the temperature you want it to.

This guide is going to show you how to repair a Traeger that is not getting above 350.

How To Fix Traeger Not Getting Above 350

1. Restart The Traeger

Most people are going to want to start making major corrections when a Traeger is not heating the right way.

However, it is important to understand the Traeger might be malfunctioning due to its firmware. You will want to restart the Traeger to see if that helps.

This is a common solution when the issue has happened for the first time.

It is not good to assume the temperature is off because there is something wrong with the components of a Traeger. It is likely due to the software and how it is reacting once you set the temperature.

Taking the time to reset or restart the Traeger is going to help figure out what is going on with the pellet grill.

2. Swap Out The Pellets

You will want to take the time to swap out the pellets in a situation such as this.

The goal is to see if the pellets are wet and/or aged.

If the pellets are aged, this can become a real concern and something you are going to want to nip in the bud as soon as possible. The pellet grill is not going to hit the temperatures you want it to when the pellets are in poor condition.

This is why you will want to look to swap out the pellets right away.

Put in new pellets and you are going to feel good about how it turns out.

This is important when it comes to taking out the pellets and making sure it turns out as you want them to.

3. Clean The Drip Tray

You will want to look to clean the drip tray.

This is essential when it comes to getting rid of the grease in the Traeger. Over time, the grease is going to pour into the drip pan and it will need to be cleaned.

This is why cleaning the Traeger from top to bottom is a must.

Otherwise, you are going to have issues such as the Traeger not hitting a specific temperature or the pellet grill not heating at all.

The goal should be to clean the drip tray in the pellet grill and make sure the grease is not there any longer.

4. Check The Temperature Using An External Thermometer

You will want to now look to start the pellet grill and then use a kitchen thermometer to see what the temperature is.

This is key because you will want an accurate reading.

The additional thermometer is going to let you gauge how the heating in the Traeger is going and what has to be done to adjust it.

This is pertinent information that you should be aware of and a new thermometer is going to help with the process.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps that will help fix a Traeger not getting above 350.

If the Traeger is not getting above 350, it’s important to restart the pellet grill, swap out the aged pellets, and clean the drip tray. This will help reset the Traeger and get it to work as you want it to.

When you are setting the temperature on a pellet grill, you will want to be methodical.

This will include looking at what the current temperature is and what needs to be done to get it to the level you’re grilling requires.

If the Traeger is not working properly or has to be adjusted, you will want to get as much information in hand as possible. This is the only way to feel comfortable with what you are doing and how things will turn out once it is time to use the pellet grill.