Traeger Smoke Setting vs 180 (Compared)

When using the Traeger, you are going to come across two options.

These settings are going to be integral to how the food turns out. It’s not just about turning on the Traeger and then hoping it’s going to grill the food as you want it to.

There has to be a bit of manipulation on your part to get things right. It’s the only way you are going to feel confident in how the Traeger is going to work once you set it up.

This is why it’s essential to start by comparing the Traeger smoke setting vs 180.

The Traeger smoke setting settles at 170 degrees while offering a less woody flavor profile. It is known as “cold smoking” and works well for nuts or cheeses. In comparison, the 180 setting is great for meats and offers an infused woody plus smoky taste while being seen as hot smoking.

It’s essential to think about what you are grilling before you use either setting. Both have a purpose as long as you are aware of how to make the most of the Traeger grill.

Here is more on comparing the Traeger smoke setting vs 180.

Comparing Traeger Smoke Setting Vs 180

1. Smoke Setting Settles At 170-180 Degrees

Let’s begin with the smoke setting.

The Traeger smoke setting is going to be set at approximately 170-180 degrees. This is going to depend on how the smoke setting is managed.

You will want to think about what you are grilling as this is the temperature you are going to get as soon as the grill is turned on with this setting.

For most people, this is an ideal setting and it is going to be the lowest temperature option with the smoke setting on.

If that is all the heat you are going to need then it makes sense to stick to the Traeger smoke setting moving forward.

It will do well while offering a robust flavor profile too.

2. Cold Vs Hot Smoking

It is important to know where the distinction is when comparing the Traeger smoke setting vs 180.

The Traeger smoke setting is known as “Cold smoking” which is not the same as hot smoking that comes with the 180 degrees setting.

The purpose of cold smoking is it is not going to cook the food. It is going to offer a lowered temperature that is just enough to get the smoking nature of the grill to pop through.

This is why it works well for other food items rather than meat.

Hot smoking is what you are going to get with the 180 degrees setting and this is going to be far more robust when it comes to working on meat.

3. Type Of Food Being Cooked

What are you going to be grilling on the grill?

This is going to often answer the question for most people.

For example, it’s best to grill nuts and cheeses with the Traeger smoke setting. The cold smoking nature of this setting will ensure the finished results are in line with what you desire.

This is key when it comes to getting the nuts or cheeses to turn out as required. You might not get the same results when you use the 180 degrees setting on the Traeger.

In comparison, for those who are going to be grilling meat, it is best to use the 180 degrees setting. This is going to offer that hot smoking finish you are going for, which is ideal when it is time to prepare meat on the grill.

4. Desired Flavor Profile

You will have to think about the flavor profile during this process too.

A lot of people don’t do this and that starts to hold them back when it comes to the result with the Traeger.

If you are going to be looking for a woody yet smoky finish then it is better to go with the 180 degrees setting.

If you want something that is far smokier then you are going to want to go with the Traeger smoke setting.

This can often dictate the direction you choose to go in and how the food turns out once you are done.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details as you figure out more about comparing the Traeger smoke setting vs 180.

The Traeger smoke setting is designed to offer a robust flavor profile and is referred to as cold smoking since it’s the lowest temperature setting of 170-180 degrees. It is ideal for grilling nuts or cheeses. In comparison, the 180 degrees setting is great for meats, offers a woody yet smoky flavor profile, and is known as hot smoking.

It often comes down to what you are grilling with the Traeger.

When the Traeger temperature is set right, it is going to offer tremendous results. It’s just about focusing on what you are grilling and how you want it to taste.