Traeger Thermometer Is Not Accurate! (Fixed)

When you are starting to grill on a Traeger, you will not like the idea of an inaccurate thermometer.

This will get frustrating to use and you will not know how to maximize its potential. This can prolong the grilling process and it is the last thing you are going to want as a Traeger owner.

With this in mind, you will want to figure out how to work on a Traeger thermometer that is not accurate.

If a Traeger thermometer is not accurate, it’s important to consider natural fluctuations. It’s common for the temperature to move a few degrees due to external conditions. It’s also recommended to place the meat probe in ice water and then hit “Calibrate” on the control panel to reset the thermometer.

For the most part, if there are dramatic shifts in temperature then you will need to go through the temperature calibration process on the Traeger.

It’s the only way to get the temperature back to what it needs to be.

Here is a look at what you have to do when working with a Traeger thermometer that is not accurate.

How To Fix An Inaccurate Traeger Thermometer

1. Consider Natural Fluctuations

Start with a basic understanding of how the pellet grill is set up.

It is not going to be set up indoors, which means you have to account for how it is being used. It is going to be exposed to the weather around it.

If it is cold, this is going to cause the temperature to drop in the pellet grill. The same goes when it is hot as that is going to increase the heat in the grill even if you set a specific temperature.

You have to account for these fluctuations as they are natural with any setup.

If it is a dramatic change that is far more than 10 degrees, it is time to start looking at the meat probe in the Traeger. This is a sign there is something wrong with the temperature control in the Traeger.

2. Test With A Manual Thermometer

Before you begin the calibration process to get the temperature to work properly in a Traeger, you have to start with a simple test.

This test is going to take a look at the temperature when the grill is on in comparison to what you have set on the grill.

This will let you see how dramatic the difference is.

You will want to do this with the use of a manual thermometer. It will be good enough to take a reading and assess what is going on with the temperature in the grill.

You will want to take a few readings and let the grill warm up. Don’t take the reading within a few minutes. Let it ramp up and then take the reading.

3. Place Meat Probe In Ice Water

Let’s assume there is something wrong with the Traeger temperature probe.

What are you going to do?

You will want to place the meat probe in ice water.

This is going to help regulate the meat probe and begin working on calibrating the Traeger for it to get accurate temperature readings.

This is recommended as a solution to get the temperature to work as it is supposed to. When it does go off track sometimes, this is a solution that helps get it back to how it needs to be.

4. Press “Calibrate” On The Control Panel

To begin the calibration process on your Traeger, it’s essential to press “Calibrate” on the control panel.

The feature is designed to help work on the temperature in the grill and is going to reset it. This is a great option for those who are worried about the meat probe and want to get accurate temperature readings on the grill.

Do not overlook this when it comes to seeing good results.

You will also want to think about resetting the Traeger when you are done. This can be completed by pressing ignite and holding it for 5-10 seconds.

The grill will then reset and go through the steps needed to refresh everything.

Final Thoughts

Look at these steps if the Traeger thermometer is not accurate.

If the Traeger thermometer is not accurate, it’s important to consider natural fluctuations due to external conditions. If this is not the case, it is the meat probe. Take the meat probe in the Traeger and place it in ice water. Next, press “Calibrate” on the control panel and let it go through the process to reset the temperature.

This is going to help get the Traeger back to its original settings and the temperature control will also become accurate.

At this point, you can re-test the grill to see how it does. It should be working fine now.