Traeger Won’t Stay At 180! (Solved)

When it comes to maintaining temperature with a Traeger, it’s not easy to get it to settle on a specific number.

This situation can be mind-boggling for those who are following a set recipe and want to make sure the temperature does not waver too much.

Does this mean it is out of your control when using a Traeger?

What happens when the Traeger won’t stay at 180?

If a Traeger won’t stay at 180, it’s important to remember there is a margin of error. The manual states it’s common for there to be a 20 degrees difference in temperature. To fix this, turn off the grill once it crosses 180 degrees, clean the auger tube, and set the grill in the shade.

You have to understand ambient temperature will play a role.

If the pellet grill is set in the sun, this is going to add to the grill’s heat. This has nothing to do with the grill itself and more to do with the sun beating down on it.

This guide is going to show you how to fix a Traeger that won’t stay at 180.

How To Fix A Traeger That Won’t Stay At 180

1. Consider The Margin of Error

When the Traeger starts running, you are going to have to think about the reality of the situation.

The grill is not set in a vacuum.

This means it is going to be reliant on the ambient temperature around it. If it is hot outside, this is going to impact the grill’s temperature too.

You will want to consider what Traeger has to say about this too.

They state there is a margin to consider with the pellet grill. The grill can be 20 degrees under or above the listed temperature.

This is due to specific factors such as the weather outdoors, sunlight, or anything else that could impact the grill’s temperature. You have to be prepared for this.

If the Traeger is out in the sun all day, it is going to be warmer. This is despite the set temperature you go with.

2. Turn Off The Grill If Past 180 Degrees

You will want to take the time to turn off the grill if past 180 degrees.

If you turn off the grill, it is going to allow it to settle.

This is a great idea when the pellet grill is set out in the sun. You are going to find it easier to regulate the temperature as long as you have a thermometer.

Use a third-party thermometer and then turn off the grill.

If the temperature dips below 180 degrees, you can then turn it back on.

3. Set Grill In The Shade

Where is the pellet grill set up?

You are going to want to look at the grill’s location to make sure it is not heating up due to where it is located. This does happen when the Traeger is set up outdoors in the sun all day.

The sunlight is going to have an impact.

This also includes how warm everything is once it is set into place.

You are going to want to make sure you are not setting the grill in the sunlight and then hoping it will regulate temperature. This is not going to happen and it will likely go past 180 degrees.

To control this issue, you will want to set the grill in the shade.

4. Clean The Auger

This is a good option for those who are thinking about correcting the pellet grill and want to ensure the Traeger works as it should.

Things can pop up such as the Traeger smoking excessively once it turns on or getting too warm.

If this is the case, you will want to see if the auger tube is clogged or damaged.

This might be the reason it is not functioning as you want it to.

The goal should be to turn off the Traeger and then clean the auger tube before using it again. This will help regulate the temperature and also ensure it works as you want it to. This is key when the Traeger is not stable or keeps breaking down.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips that work when a Traeger won’t stay at 180.

If the Traeger won’t stay at 180, it is best to consider ambient temperature (i.e. sunlight) and how it might heat the grill. This can impact how high the temperature goes. To fix this issue, set the grill in the shade, clean the auger tube, and turn off the grill once it crosses 180 degrees.

This is going to ensure you can grill at the set temperature you are hoping for.

It is not easy to figure out what is wrong with a Traeger but these are tips that will get the job done as you regulate the temperature.