Weber Grill Only One Burner Lights! (Fixed)

The Weber grill is powerful and offers an all-encompassing grilling experience.

However, this is assuming the burners are working as intended. When one of the burners stops working in a Weber grill, you are going to realize it will have an impact on overall performance.

Don’t let this bother you as it can be fixed.

It is possible to have a Weber grill where only one burner lights.

If only one burner lights with a Weber grill, it is likely an unclean or damaged carry over tube. To fix the issue, inspect the carry over tube, clean it, and/or replace the tube if damaged. Once the tube is in place, restart the Weber grill and it will be good to go.

This is a problem that is not going to take long to resolve as soon as you have the tube in place.

The grill will stop working if the components are not in good shape. This is why you will want to inspect the tube and make sure it is swapped out as soon as possible.

This guide will take a look at how to fix a Weber grill where only one burner lights.

How To Fix A Weber Grill Where Only One Burner Lights

1. Check The Carry Over Tube

You will want to start by checking the carry over tube as that is likely where the problem lies.

It is easy to inspect these tubes as they are set right on top.

You will have immediate access to them and it comes down to seeing if they are dirty and/or damaged. This will let you know what the next step has to be.

It is common for this to happen with a Weber grill when it is unclean or old. The aging process is going to cause it to go through this ordeal and you will need to be quick to act.

The best option is to check the carry over tube and see which one needs to be changed. It will not be expensive to swap out and it might be the only way to get the burner to light in a Weber grill.

2. Clean The Carry Over Tube

Let’s assume the tube is unclean.

What are you going to do with the grill to clean it?

You are going to have to remove the carry over tube. It will come out easily and most are not going to be hooked onto the grill.

This means it will come right out as soon as you wiggle it around a bit.

Take out the tube that is dirty and then prepare to clean it. This is also something you should be doing when cleaning a Weber grill during the year.

To clean the tube, you are going to set it in hot water + vinegar + baking soda.

You should pour the baking soda onto the tube and then dip it into the water.

3. Replace The Carry Over Tube

You are also going to have situations where the tube is damaged.

This can happen when the tube has aged and it is not in the condition it needs to be. Your best bet is to make sure to find a compatible tube and then set it into place.

This will ensure it is replaced right away and it works out as you want it to.

Replace the tube and make sure it is in good working condition. It will take a few seconds to set into place.

4. Restart The Weber Grill

When a grill is not working as desired, you are going to want to restart it.

Since the most common issue with this type of problem has to do with the carry over tube, you will want to work on fixing it.

This is going to take a few minutes and you will be good to go.

The same applies to a situation where you are cleaning the tube in the Weber grill. Go through the steps as directed and then set them back into place.

Once it is installed, you are going to restart the Weber grill.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips that matter for a Weber grill where only one burner lights.

If a Weber grill has only one burner lit, it is likely the carry over tube that’s the problem. It is either unclean or damaged. Start by inspecting the tube, cleaning it using baking soda and vinegar, or replacing it if damaged. Once done, restart the grill.

This is how you are going to get the Weber grill burner to start working again.

An unclean or damaged carry over tube will make it difficult to use the grill. It is not going to heat as you want it to nor will it be as usable.

Go through the steps in this guide and get the grill to work properly.