Which Battery Starts RV Generator? (Answered)

The RV has two types of batteries.

This can lead to a situation where you have to figure out which battery is powering what in the RV. In most cases, it will be assumed as long as both are kept on, the power will run through as required to the right component.

This is true but you should still be aware of which battery is powering specific components. This includes when you are trying to figure out which battery starts the RV generator.

Each RV is different. In some models, the chassis batteries start the RV generator, while others have the house batteries connected to it. To test which one applies to you, access the manual controls, turn off one of the switches, and try running the generator. If it does not work, try the other switch. Once done, turn both on as they were before.

It is important to go through these steps to get a better read on your RV model and which way it powers the RV generator.

This guide is going to showcase a few tips on how to use a battery to start the RV generator and what to account for.

Tips For Using Battery To Start RV Generator

1. Access The Manual Controls

Let’s assume you are unsure about how the RV generator is powered.

You will want to take the time to understand what powers each component in the RV. Most people will know the engine is going to be linked to the chassis battery but it is still essential to get a read on the other components.

This can include the air conditioner in the RV or even other fixtures.

As soon as you get to the manual controls in the RV, you will now see both switches for the house and chassis batteries.

This is a good starting point for your testing phase.

You will want to look at each switch and see whether or not it is turned on. In most cases, both are going to be turned on at this point.

This is a good sign.

2. Turn Off One Of The Switches

You are now going to find the chassis battery switch.

This switch is the first one you should turn off.

Before doing this, make sure the engine is turned off as it will immediately shut the power to it. You do not want the engine to be running when toggling the switch off as it might ruin the part.

As soon as the engine is off, you can then turn this switch off too.

You will want to make sure it is off and then move on to the next step.

3. Turn On The Generator

As soon as you have turned off the switch to the chassis battery, you are now going to look for the RV generator.

The goal here is to turn on the RV generator or at least try to.

If it is connected to the house battery, it is going to turn on and start running as required. This means the generator is connected to the house battery in your RV.

If not, this likely means it is connected to the chassis battery, which is toggled off due to the previous step.

As soon as this happens, you are going to want to turn off the house battery and turn on the chassis battery. Once you do this, you are then going to look to turn on the generator again.

If it starts running now, this means it is connected to the chassis battery.

4. Turn On Both Switches Once Generator Is Running

You will always want to turn on both switches once the testing is done.

This is how the setup was before and it is how you should leave it as soon as the work is done. Otherwise, you are going to have a few components in the RV stop working.

It is important to do this and go through a checklist for your RV to make sure all of the powered components are running.

Turn on both switches once the generator is running to make sure it is in good working condition.

Final Thoughts

Which battery starts the RV generator?

Each RV is different. In some RVs, the house battery will start the RV generator while in others the chassis battery runs the RV generator. To test this, start by finding the manual switches, turn off one switch, and then try running the RV generator. If this does not work, try the other switch.

As you go through this trial and error phase, you will find out which battery in the RV powers the RV generator.

Do not rush this process.

You will always want to make sure you are diligent about how things are done as that is the only way to feel confident in what you are doing and how you are doing it.