Why Are Pool Slides So Expensive? (And Which One To Buy!)

A swimming pool often seems incomplete without a quality pool slide. Most people want to buy a new pool slide, but don’t like the price tag that comes along with them. This is a normal part of most pool owners’ experience but it is always important to underline what the main issues are with pool slides and their pricing. Here is a look at one question you may wonder out loud – why are pool slides so expensive?

Pool slides are expensive because they are designed to handle outdoor conditions, traction from sliding, and still provide complete comfort while sliding. This leads to the use of costly materials in comparison to other pool accessories or elements.

It’s best to invest in a good pool slide because this will play a role in your safety.

Key factors to consider include:

  • The Materials
  • Installation Process
  • Longevity

If you are asking “Why are pool slides so expensive?” you might start overlooking these factors. This is a common mistake a lot of pool owners make and it can lead you down the wrong path. This is when poor investments are made.

Take your time and make sure you are investing in a solution that is efficient.

This is a must or you are going to end up settling for less. Anyone that is asking “Why are pool slides so expensive?” will want to know what the main reasons are. This guide will shed light on those reasons along with which pool slide is right for your swimming pool.

Best Pool Slide for Your Pool (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Reasons for Pool Slides Being Expensive

1. Built to Last Outdoors

Imagine setting up a pool slide and watching it tear through the middle due to a bit of wind!

This happens with mediocre pool slides and those are not the ones you want to invest in. As a result, you are going to be left wondering why the price is so high on your pool slide. Well, it likely has to do with the materials used to protect the same slide you’re investing in!

A slide that is well-built is going to use multiple layers of material that are waterproof and can handle inclement weather easily.

This is what you are going to be paying for at the end of the day when setting up a pool.

If you are asking “Why are pool slides so expensive?” then it might be time to consider this factor. Do you really want something that breaks down?

why are pool slides so expensive

2. Robust Materials

A good pool slide is going to be expensive because it is made of robust materials.

Some of the leading pool slides on the market use a wide array of materials to make sure they last for as long as you want.

Due to the nature of sliding, there is a lot to consider and that includes safety.

The materials used for modern-day pool slides are some of the best in the industry and it has to do with the act of sliding across a surface and making sure it doesn’t tear or break down.

Due to these reasons, manufacturers take their time to create a pool slide that is the real deal and is going to last.

If not, you are going to be left with a torn/broken swimming slide that doesn’t work well.

This takes away from the quality of the swimming pool setup.

why are pool slides so expensive

3. Designed to Be Comfortable for Sliding

When asking “Why are pool slides so expensive?” you will have to think about comfort.

Sliding means your skin is going to make contact with the top surface of the slide. This can lead to injury, if that surface is rough.

Manufacturers take the time to carefully engineer this part of the pool slide to make sure it is comfortable at all times.

Sliding means full contact with the slide and this is why the top surface uses world-class materials that are soft to the touch but durable at the same time.

Due to this, you end up with a costly pool slide for your pool.

It is essential to compare options, but you will notice the better pool slides have a much better surface to slide on.

It just feels better!

Final Thoughts

“Why are pool slides so expensive?”

Pool slides are expensive because they are built to last, use top-tier materials, and are designed to provide complete comfort while sliding.

If you want comfort and durability, you will have to account for this to the best of your ability. It is a must!

Take the time to look at the different pool slides on the market, compare options, and then decide on which one is best. This will lead to a good pool slide for your swimming pool that is affordable at the same time.