Why Do Frogs Die In Pools? (Explained)

Frogs are a sight you might not expect to see in your swimming pool.

When there are frogs in the pool, you will become concerned about the water quality going down and/or the swimming pool becoming unusable.

However, you will also wonder about the frogs and why they don’t seem to leave the pool. In some cases, you will ask, why do frogs die in pools?

Frogs die in pools because there is too much chlorine, salt, and other harmful chemicals that are toxic for their bodies. It is also common for frogs to get trapped in the pool as they don’t have the strength to get out over the pool’s edge.

If you notice a frog attempting to get out of the pool, it’s recommended to scoop them out. This will not only rid the pool of frogs but also allow you to relocate the frogs to a different spot.

This article is going to look at the main reasons frogs die in pools and what to do as a pool owner.

Reasons Frogs Die In Pools

1. Too Much Chlorine

The main concern has to do with the chemicals in the pool water.

A frog’s natural habitat is not going to include harsh chemicals. It is not going to be filled with chlorine. This is something that is also harmful to humans in excess and has a dramatic impact on a frog’s body if they’re in the pool for an extended period.

This demonstrates why a frog should not go into the swimming pool.

The chlorine is not good for them and they will start to feel ill as soon as they soak in the water. It can have a troubling impact on the frog’s body and that is why many frogs die in swimming pools.

2. Too Much Salt

You will want to pay attention to the amount of salt in the pool water.

Salt in the pool water is unhealthy for the frog and is not going to allow them to thrive for too long. In many cases, the frog is going to start wilting due to this and is then going to lose its energy.

It is important to get the frog out of the pool due to this.

The salt in the pool water is not good for the frog and will do a lot of damage as time goes on.

You will want to be careful about this and make sure you are doing things with a purpose.

3. Can’t Get Out Of The Pool

If you notice a frog attempting to get out of the swimming pool, you will realize some are not going to have enough strength to get over the pool’s edge.

This is a common issue when the water level is not right on par with the pool’s edge.

If it is a few inches below, this is enough to make it difficult for the frog to get out of the pool. This is what causes the frog to pass away in the pool.

As soon as you notice this, you will want to find a way to get the frog out of the pool. You can do this by scooping them out.

It is essential to do this as the frog is not going to survive for long in such a situation. This is why chlorine and/or salt tend to impact frogs. They get overexposed as they are not able to get out.

4. Get Trapped In The Pool Pump

This is not as common as the other issues that cause a frog to die in a swimming pool but it is something to keep note of.

If a frog is close enough to the pool pump, this can become the real troublemaker.

The frog will get trapped in the pool pump and then will not be able to push its way out. This is dangerous for the frog and it will also hamper your pool pump.

You will want to keep an eye on this if there are multiple frogs in the swimming pool throughout the year. A good way to avoid this is to make sure you are maintaining the swimming pool and then you also look to invest in a cover.

This will keep the frogs out.

Final Thoughts

Why do frogs die in pools?

Frogs die in pools because they cannot handle excess chlorine, salt, and any other harsh chemical found in swimming pools. It is also possible for frogs to get stuck in the pool because they don’t have enough strength to get out over the pool’s edge.

It is highly recommended to pay attention to the frogs in the pool and make sure to take them out.

This will ruin the pool water’s quality and you are also going to have dead frogs on your hands. Do not let this happen.