Why Does My Grill Sound Like A Jet Engine? (Answered)

Gas grills are supposed to settle into the background and work wonders as you begin to prepare your next meal.

In some cases, you might look at the gas grill and realize it’s making a lot of noise. This creates a situation where you are going to want to interpret the sound and figure out whether or not it is normal.

One question you might ask is, why does my grill sound like a jet engine?

A grill can sound like a jet engine when there is an improper gas connection or faulty regulator. This can cause excessive noise to make when the grill is turned on. To fix this issue, turn off the gas grill, inspect the gas line, and clean the burners using a wire.

Each situation is different when it comes to this type of noise generation but it is not normal.

You will want to take the time to diagnose where the sound is coming from and how to fix it.

Steps To Fix Gas Grill That Sounds Like A Jet Engine

1. Turn Off The Gas Grill

Before you begin working on the gas grill, it’s important to turn it off.

You do not want a situation where the gas grill sparks and starts burning. This is dangerous and it is a real safety issue.

You will want to avoid preparing anything on the gas grill until you get to the bottom of what has happened and how to repair it.

In general, when the gas grill is off, you are going to have a much easier time looking at what is going on.

As soon as the gas grill is off, you will then want to begin inspecting the rest of the fixture.

2. Check And Tighten The Gas Line

Now it is time to see what is happening with the gas grill.

In general, you are going to want to check where the gas line is running and how bad it is. This is a major requirement for those who are dealing with excessive noise coming from a gas grill.

This sound can be trapped air or the gas line being loose.

As you can imagine, this is unsafe and it has to be corrected as soon as possible.

To do this, you are going to look at the gas running into the grill and see how the line connects to the fixture. You will then want to see if the line is loose and/or if there is something that has damaged the fixture.

If this is the problem, you will want to replace the part or tighten it.

This comes down to your specific scenario.

3. Clean The Burner System Using Wire

In some cases, the issue has nothing to do with the gas line.

Instead, the sound is going to come from the burner system. When the burners are unclean, this becomes a real problem that you have to deal with.

You are going to want to clean the burner system using a flexible wire.

The wire is going to allow you to dig into the burners and clean them.

It is important to be thorough with the cleaning to make sure nothing is trapped inside. It is this debris that is causing all of the noise you are dealing with and it is best to be as quick as possible with your approach.

The more time you take, the worse it is going to get.

4. Test The Gas Grill

The last step is going to be a simple one.

You are going to plug everything into place and then turn on the gas grill.

At this point, the gas grill should be back to how it was.

If the sound is still coming, this means it is a faulty regulator and you are going to have to replace the part. This is going to be pricier than the other solutions given in this guide but sometimes that is the only option you are going to have at your disposal.

Look at the compatible part to see what is right for your situation.

Final Thoughts

Why does my grill sound like a jet engine?

A grill can sound like a jet engine when there is a loose gas line, a faulty regulator, or one of the burners is clogged. To fix the issue, turn off the gas grill, inspect the gas line, and then clean the burner system using a wire.

This is the best way to make sure the noise goes away when the gas grill is turned on.

Remember that this is not normal and it is best not to keep using the gas grill when it is in this state.

You will want to get to the bottom of things and then see what can be done to fix the gas grill.