Why Does Wind Make You Tired?

Why does wind make you tired?

Wind can make a person feel tired due to the increased resistance in movement and breathing. At higher wind speeds, it takes considerable effort to move in comparison to when it’s still outside.

A person that spends a lot of time outdoor (i.e. camping, hiking) will start to notice a cumulative effect on their body during the trip. It does start to take a toll on you, especially when the wind begins pushing you back.

So, how do you overcome this problem when camping or spending time outdoors?

It’s important to understand what the main problems are.

The main issues include:

  • Difficulty Moving Around
  • Difficulty Staying in the Same Spot
  • Hard to Breathe

It is these issues that start to bother a person and will eventually make you ask, “Why does wind make you tired?”

It’s a horrible feeling, especially when the wind picks up, but there is no reason to despair. It’s all about planning for an increase in wind resistance.

Here is a detailed look at answering the question, “Why does wind make you tired?” alongside information on how to make sure wind doesn’t cause fatigue outdoors.

Best Wind-Proof Camping Tent (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips for Camping on a Windy Day

Tip #1: Invest in a Wind-Proof Camping Tent

A wind-proof camping tent is essential for those asking, “Why does wind make you tired?” because protection is essential.

You don’t want to be left fully exposed out in the wind because it’s going to eat away at you. The process of even sitting out on a windy day can be exhausting and the last thing you want to do!

As a result, it’s better to go camping, find a nice spot, and make sure to install a wind-proof camping tent.

This tent is going to offer several advantages to those willing to make the most of them.

These benefits include:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Keeps Belongings Protected From the Wind
  • Easy to Set Up

A durable wind-proof camping tent is perfect for those spending time outdoors on a windy day.

Instead of struggling to breathe and/or walk, you can set up shop in a wind-proof camping tent. This is a simple, proven solution that works on some of the windiest days of the year.

If you love being outdoors, this is a good starting point.

Why does wind make you tired when camping

Tip #2: Use the Natural Features Around You

The natural elements all around you are beneficial and should be used to your advantage.

Why take the time to settle in without looking around for a solid tree or bush? This is going to provide natural coverage against the wind, especially if you are sitting with your back to the wind.

This is how you can completely block yourself off from the wind’s effects.

Sturdy trees can often work well when trying to stop wind from becoming an issue, but it’s important to ensure the tree won’t topple over due to excessive wind.

Wind can make you tired because it causes everything to become harder to do. It’s like someone adding to Earth’s gravity and making it seem like you are wearing a 20 lb. vest around your body while trying to jump.

It just doesn’t feel right!

This is why finding a sturdy natural element is just as important as anything else when camping.

Tip #3: Try Walking with the Wind

If you are going to be hiking and/or trekking on a windy day, you will realize movement is just something that has to be done.

You won’t be able to enjoy the moment without walking. So, this is when it’s time to make the most of the wind’s energy.

The idea is to simply walk with the wind. Don’t go against the grain.

Walking with the wind can provide a little burst of energy as it keeps you walking in the right direction.

This is not always possible, but you should work on re-routing until it’s possible to do this.

The idea is to not have the wind blowing straight into your face and body. This is when it becomes tiring leading you to ask, “Why does wind make you tired?” when hiking or camping.

Keep it straightforward and walk with the wind whenever possible. This will lead to you saving quite a bit of energy even on a windy day.

Why does wind make you tired when camping

Tip #4: Reduce Energy Expenditure

How much energy are you using up?

This is a serious concern when it comes to dealing with win. You use additional energy just to do basic tasks that would have been a breeze on a calmer day.

To avoid a situation such as this, it’s recommended to cut down on what you’re doing outdoors.

This means don’t go for a long run in the middle of a windy day!

This is how you are going to burn out and almost fall like you have walked up a mountain for two days straight!

Final Thoughts

Why does wind make you tired when camping?

Wind does make you tired because it can work against your body while walking. It becomes difficult to move against the wind as if someone is pushing on you.

This becomes even harder when you are walking on rough terrain or uneven patches of land, which is common when camping or hiking.

It’s best to invest in a wind-proof camping tent and make sure you are prepared to walk with the wind as much as possible.

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