Will RV Water Heater Freeze? (Explained)

When it starts getting colder, you need to become careful about various components in the RV and including the RV water heater.

It is possible for the RV water heater to not function properly and this can create long-term issues where the water does not remain liquid.

It’s important to ask, will the RV water heater freeze?

Yes, the RV water heater can freeze once the water is below freezing temperature. To stop the RV water heater from freezing, it’s best to turn on the heat, use RV antifreeze, wrap the heater with a blanket, and drain the water if the RV is not in use. These steps will make sure the RV water heater remains in good condition.

A lot of stress can be put on an RV water heater and you need to be selective about how you keep it insulated. If mistakes are made in this regard, it can create real issues as to how you keep things safe.

This article is going to look at how to stop an RV water heater from freezing and what to account for when you are in a predicament such as this one.

How To Stop RV Water Heater From Freezing

1. Turn On The RV’s Heater

You will want to look at the RV as a whole.

If the RV water heater is frozen, it is likely due to there being no warmth around it. This is not something to underestimate as it can do significant damage to those who want to ensure the RV heater continues to run as it needs to.

You have to account for this to make sure the RV heater continues to function properly.

You will want to turn up the heat and then make sure it is getting around to the water heater. This means ensuring the vents are working.

If heat is not getting to this part of the RV, you will need to check what can be done to keep it safe. If things don’t work out, you will need to make adjustments.

2. Use RV Antifreeze

You will also want to think about what’s in the water heater.

Some people will want to start using chemicals that are known for preventing water from freezing. There are a few solutions that will work and one of them is going to be RV antifreeze.

RV antifreeze tends to work well because it is going to keep things organized and you are going to start to work on the water as it remains liquid.

You never want a situation where the water begins to freeze in the RV water heater as that is when it becomes difficult to manage.

You will want to stay out in front of this to make sure the antifreeze works well. This is going to keep things safe and you will know the antifreeze is going to remain substantial as time goes on.

3. Wrap The Heater

You will also want to look at a more traditional solution.

If the RV water heater is cold, you will want to wrap it. This can be done with anything warm but a good blanket is a nice starting point.

You will see excellent results and the heater is going to stay as warm as you want it to be. Keep this in mind when it comes to ensuring the water heater does not let you down and you stay safe over time.

This can be a good short-term solution when the temperature drops.

4. Drain The Water When Not In Use

You will also want to consider whether or not the RV is in use.

The RV may have been used for a while as that can become a real issue. You will want to ensure the water that is in the heater is drained as soon as possible.

This is going to make it easier for you to take the water out and ensure it turns out well.

Draining the water is a lot better than having it freeze inside. This is when the water heater gets damaged.

You will want to get out in front of this.

Final Thoughts

Will the RV water heater freeze?

Yes, the RV water heater can freeze when the temperature falls below freezing. It’s best to use methods such as increasing the heat in the RV, wrapping the heater with a blanket, or pouring a small amount of RV antifreeze. If nothing else works, drain the water before it freezes.

This is a common set of solutions that you can go through when it is time to make sure the RV remains in good shape.

You will want to account for your options and then move forward with the right solution to keep the RV water heater working as it needs to.