What is The Right Wood Fire Pit Overhead Clearance?

To create extra fire pit safety and prevent burns, fire pits should be placed a certain distance from overhanging branches or roofs.

The wood fire pit overhead clearance is one of those important aspects that many people do not take into consideration.

It’s recommended to have at least 10 feet in clearance above a wood fire pit. This will ensure the fire pit is set in a safe environment and can burn freely.

Here is more on wood fire pit overhead clearance and what to think about when setting one up.

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Why Is The Wood Fire Pit Overhead Clearance Necessary?

The primary reason for having adequate space above your fire pit is to allow enough room so that burning embers or sparks will not land on anything flammable such as a wooden deck or leaves on trees.

If you have kids and pets around your fire pit, this extra safety step becomes even more crucial and near impossible to achieve if your fire pit is too close to surrounding structures.

Pine firewood or other forest fire logs should be kept a minimum of ten feet from the fire pit area if you have overhanging branches that might drop debris into your fire.    

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case something does catch fire, and always keep a water source close by for safety reasons as well.      

If you will be cooking with your fire pit wok, keep the distance from the fire to the cooking surface at least eight inches.

As obligatory as this step may seem, it is one of those tasks that many people get lazy about, and end up regretting their lack of precaution later on.   

wood fire pit overhead clearance

Advantages of A Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is not only for warmth and comfort, but it can be used to cook food on skewers or in a wok.    

Many people enjoy adding s’mores materials to the fire pit to roast, whereas others will roast hotdogs or marshmallows.   

The fire itself can also add ambiance to your surroundings especially if you have an outdoor fireplace that adds an extra sense of coziness.  

Finally, building a fire pit is a great way to give back to Mother Nature by recycling firewood that would have otherwise gone unused.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

– Keep the fire extinguisher and water close at hand

– Build your fire away from overhanging branches and structures.

– All firewood should be dry and age appropriately before burning.

– Clear all flammable material away from the fire pit before lighting it.     

– Only build fires during times of low wind, preferably in the morning or evening hours when humidity is higher.         

– Make sure you fully extinguish your fire before bedtime or leaving for any length of time as embers can remain hot for many hours after the fire is out.          

– Create fire pit overhead clearance if you are cooking over the fire with wok or marshmallows.

– Always monitor children and pets when they are near fire.

wood fire pit overhead clearance

Things To Consider With Fire Pit Safety

A fire pit is a fun and enjoyable way to socialize with friends and family, but the fire pit area should be set up properly for fire safety.    

The sides of your fire pit should be at least three feet high and will need to have some type of barrier around it to absorb heat and prevent sparks from flying out onto the ground.   

To allow enough space for firewood storage as well as access to water if needed, including a small bench or table near the fire pit may be necessary.     

Always keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case something does catch fire as well as a bucket of water nearby in case you need to quickly douse flames before they spread too far.     

Having fire pit overhead clearance is particularly important when cooking over the fire with a wok, but the fire should be at least ten feet away from any wooden structures or branches that could catch fire.

Final Thoughts

A fire pit can be a lot of fun and add extra coziness to your outdoor living space.  

However, fire pits must be set up safely and responsibly or they can become fire hazards that put you and your home in danger.   

Building fire pit safety into the design will help keep you and others safe while enjoying years of use from your fire pit.

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